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Whether you're Shopping in one of Bath's many boutique shops or exploring the city's world famous attractions, this Strada is the ideal location for taking a break and enjoying some delicious, authentic Italian food.

The restaurant is located in the historic Beau Nash house adjacent to the Theatre Royal and has two beautiful dining rooms in this Georgian listed building.


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Beau Nash House

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Tel: 01225 337 753
Fax: 01225 337 748

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Mon - Sat:
11.30am - 11.00pm
11.30am - 10.30pm

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Read the latest reviews from our customers

Sara Lohne

The starters can’t be faulted. Olives may not have been to everyone’s taste, but the one who did like olives said they were lovely. The Schiacciatella Aglio Flat Bread (garlic bread) was gone almost before the waiter left the table, so I’ll let that speak for itself. The antipasto platter was lovely and gave something for everyone.

The mains got brought out and we looked at the feast in front of us. Everything looked lovely. The Strozzapreti Pugliese was lovely, rich in flavour and warming with a kick coming from the red chilli butter.
The Risotto Zucca positively surprised us - It didn’t sound all that exciting on the menu to my ears, but it was delicious. The Pancetta was a lovely addition to the dish, breaking up the creaminess of the risotto, and the pine nuts gave a nice change of texture.
The Saltimboccs Maiale was a favourite on our table, and it was one of the first dishes to provide a clean plate. The pork fillet was perfectly cooked, the mash was deliciously creamy and perfectly seasoned, and the green beans worked well with the dish.
For the Orata al Forno we did have a substitution on the fish fillet as the restaurant was out of sea bream, so we got sea bass instead, and it was perfectly cooked. We did, however, get mash instead of the roast potatoes. It worked well, but I think I would’ve preferred the roast potatoes.
The Quattro Stagioni pizza was the only thing we all agreed didn’t quite live up to the standard of the other meals. The idea of a four seasons pizza is good, but we would’ve preferred to see a pizza with the topping mixed, as each quarter got a bit boring. We would also have liked to see it stay in the oven for a couple more minutes, but that’s just personal taste on how we like our pizza.

The desserts were a perfect ending to a lovely meal. The Affogato was delicious coupled with the shot of espresso. It’s quite subtle, but not too much so, on the flavour front, making it a good dessert if you’ve had a meal strong on flavour, or to chill the heat from the Strozzapreti Pugliese.
My personal favourite was the Bunet Piemontese. It all just worked so beautifully together, and it was a more flavoursome dessert than the two others.
The pistachio gelato was also very subtle in flavour, but the table was split in whether it was too subtle or not. Once again it’s a good dessert to end a meal that has been strong in flavour, but personally I would’ve liked a bit stronger flavour of pistachio.

The meal was rounded off with a shot of limoncello, which was well appreciated, and a lovely way to end a lovely evening.

Overall the food was magnificent, and I would without a doubt come back and have almost all of these dishes again.

Linda Wiles

FOOD 4/5

Myself, my 24 year old daughter and her friend were very excited to be offered the chance to sample this menu, although mostly it did not live up to expectations.
The restaurant itself could not be in a better location in our beautiful city, right next door to The Theatre Royal in a building steeped in history. Even though Strada is part of a chain, I feel that they are not making the most of their stunning building.

Never having been to Strada before, I went with an open mind.

When we arrived and introduced ourselves, the waitress just pointed at two tables and told us that we could have that one or that one, do customers not get shown to their tables anymore?

Anyway, on to the food.

OLIVES: Very hard but tasty

ROSEMARY FLAT BREAD: Full of flavour but a tad salty for me.

ANTIPASTO: Well presented with a nice selection, perfect nibbles with a glass of wine.

ORATA AL FORNO: Beautifully cooked fish but the bones were a turn off. Potatoes were relly bland and soggy.

RISOTTO ZUCCA: We all thought that this was outstanding, definitely our favourite.

STROZZAPRETI PUGLIESE : Another winner, perfect pasta with an amazing array of flavours.

SALTIMBOCCA MAIALE: We were told that this was unavailable which was very disappointing seeing that the table was booked well in advance and they knew that we were coming to review this dish!

QUATTRO STAGIONI: Nice base to the pizza, but that is all. What there were of the toppings were just not nice.

AFFOGATO: My daughter gave this 10/5., but obviously you must like coffee.

BUNET PIEMONTESE; Very rich and chocolately, nice.

PISTACHIO GELATO: This pistachio ice cream was amazing and my favourite thing of the whole meal, which seems a shame when you think of the dishes we had tried.

Overall. we were not impressed, come on Strada, up the game and then invite me back again.

Emily Chan

I had visited Strada once before and from what I remembered it was very good. I was so excited to have been selected to try the new menu. I went with 3 other friends. We ordered drinks first. The size of the drink was a little expensive for what it is.

We decide to share all the starters together. The olives arrived first, they were very fresh only lightly salted and moist. Next we had the Schiacciatella Aglio. This was very nice; the flavor of the rosemary and the garlic had just the right combination. Although one of my guests said that it was a little salty. Next was the Antipasto. The dish was served on a slate board and the presentation was beautiful. The tomatoes and mozzarella were perfect together. The fresh bread with the tomatoes was equally nice. Overall a wonderful start to our meal.

Onto the mains. As there were 4 of us we all had a main each and shared one in the middle. I had chosen to have the Orata Al Forna (Sea Bream). The fish was served whole and it was absolutely perfect. The fish was fresh and fluffy and the dressing complemented it well. The garnish of the salad and potatoes were also very good. The comment for the Risotto Zucca was that it was very nice but she would have like more of it. The Quattro Stagioni was delicious; the comments were that it was very light, crispy and fresh. The toppings were unique and it was nice to try something different. The Strozzapreti Pugliese was commented to be good, with enough chili so that she could taste it but not too much that it burned the mouth. As for the shared dish Saltimbocca Maiale I think that the pork was a little overdone and dry. It was well seasoned and the mash was perfect. The sauce was very nice but there wasn’t enough of it.

We had all the deserts and shared them between us. The Affogato was very light and soft. The added texture of the nuts was nice. As I am not a massive coffee fan so I had it plain. The Bunet Piemontese was very rich. I did not enjoy this desert at all. The flavor was too strong and the look of it was very unappetizing. Finally the Pistachio Gelato. This was amazing I loved it. It wasn’t very sweet but that mad me appreciate the taste of pistachio more. The flavor was just right and it had a very smooth and velvety texture.

Overall my experience at Strada was very enjoyable. The service was very good and the atmosphere was perfect. I would definitely visit Strada again.

reanne pope

What can I say but amazing amazing amazing!

What a treat - Myself sister and husbands had such a great evening.

Firstly we arrived at 7pm and shown quickly to our table and given a menu.

Shortly after a friendly waiter introduced him self and took are drinks order. I have to say the wine was fab, We ordered the Corte federico rosato (rose wine) and have to say its now my favioute. It was so fruity, you could taste the strawberry.

After a few minutes the drinks arrived followed by some great starters.

We enjoyed the Large green Castelvetrano olives, which were probably some of the best we have all tasted (very plump) and the Aglio flat bread topped with garlic & rosemary was pretty tasty too. We also tried the Antipasto which is a platter of Italian flavours: Parma ham, Napoli salami, speck ham from Trentino, buffalo mozzarella from Campania, vine-ripened tomatoes, olive tapenade and bruschetta pomodoro.

It's the first time we have tried olive tapenade and was lovely spead onto the Aglio flat bread with some of the cold meats.

After the starters it wasn’t along wait till the table was cleared and the main courses arrive. What a great selection of dishes. We were spoilt for choice. We all tried a bit of each dish - five mains in total.

My favioutes were the Orata al forno (A whole sea bream, pan roasted with lemon & thyme, served with a green salad and roasted new potatoes) The fish was soooo fresh.

My other favourite was the Saltimbocca Maiale (Pork fillet with crispy Parma ham, mashed potato, green beans and a sage butter sauce) great meat.

The other dishes we tried were the Quattro stagioni (Four fabulous pizzas in one: Luganica sausage, Italian cotto ham, roasted artichoke and chestnut mushrooms) which the dough was nicely done and had some nice toppings and the Strozzapreti pugliese (A classic dish from Puglia. Traditional hand twisted Strozzapreti pasta, Luganica sausage, pancetta, and broccoli, with red chilli butter & Grana Padano cheese) Very nice but maybe a bit to much chilli for my taste. And finally the Risotto zucca (Pumpkin, butternut squash, pancetta, spinach and pine nuts) A very nice risotto.

After the mains at which stage we were getting pretty full we were asked if we were ready for our deserts. Well I always have a seperate stomach for deserts. They were great. Three dishes were bought out for us four to share and what a delight.

Bunet piemontese (Similar in style to a Pannacotta. A soft rich custard made with Italian chocolate, hazelnuts, crushed Amaretti biscuits and a generous splash of amaretto liqueur) Well this definaly hit the spot - yummy..still dreaming about it now and is one of the best deserts I’ve had in a while. The Affogato (Iced nougat semi-freddo ice cream with a shot of hot, fresh espresso to pour over the top) and the Pistachio Gelato e sorbetto were great deserts as well.

We were all truely stuffed at the end of the meal and had such a great evening thanks to great food, great service and great company.

We will definatly be returning very soon for some more yummy italian food.

Thank you Strada for a great evening!

Steph Wynne-Davey

I visited Bath Strada for Sunday lunch with my husband and two children (11 and 9). We were quickly seated by the friendly staff, and order taken.

For starters we shared the large green castelvetrano olives, the antipasto platter and the garlic & rosemary flat bread. We all agreed that the olives and flatbread were both lovely. The medium platter was generous, well-balanced and attractively presented. All three meats were good, as was the bread and buffalo mozzarella. I thought the bruschetta was a little salty, although my husband thought it was fine.

Moving onto the main courses. Again they were all attractively presented, and we did a certain amount of sharing. The Strozzapreti Pugliese was soon polished off my the 11 year old. A tasty combination of pasta, pancetta, sausaage, brocolli, red chilli butter and grana padana.

My husband had the whole sea bream. The roast potatoes were good. The fish was tasty, although a little dry.

The third dish was the salmon on a bed of lentils. This was cooked really well. The salmon was delicious, and was nice combined with the lentils. Personally I wasn’t overly keen on the honey mustard dressing, but I know others who love it. The fourth dish was particularly yummy: risotto zucca with pumpkin, butternut squash, pancetta, spinach and pine nuts. A lovely variety of flavours, made each mouthful a joy. In fact over the years I have had a number of risottos at Strada, and they have all been really good, and one of the reasons we have returned over the years.

Finally onto the desserts. We all shared three dishes. The pistacho ice-cream was very good and refreshing, and was an authentic colour (i.e. not an unnatural vivid green). The Affogato (iced nougat semi-freddo ice-cream) was delicious, sweet, creamy and a bit nutty. Served with a shot of hot espresso, but we decided to not pour across the top, as the boys were not keen on that suggestion! Finally we also shared the Bunet Piemontese, a chocolatey, amaretto custard, similar in style to a Pannacotta. It didn’t look that impressive when it arrived, as it was served with no decoration, but it was rich, sweet and velvety, and made me feel all gooey inside. Mmmm.

In summary we had a lovely dining experience, with tasty food cooked and presented well. All the staff were great; friendly and helpful (as always). There was a nice atmosphere amidst simple but tasteful decor. We felt the wine (a glass of pinot grigio and a glass of chianti) was good but a little over priced. Also the downstairs toilet could be improved with redecorating and better lighting. However apart from these slight imperfections, we agree that this is a very good restaurant, and overall we rate 9/10.

Michelle Gordon

Strada in Bath nestles unobtrusively next to the Bath Theatre, Spread across two floors we found ourselves quickly accommodated at a table for four downstairs.

Our drinks arrived promptly closely followed by the starters of olives and garlic flatbread. The olives were plump and juicy and the bread combined a wonderfully crisp exterior with a soft and doughy inside and just the right mix of garlic butter and herbs - a great appetiser and a big hit with the kids.

Next came a nicely presented and colourful platter of antipasto comprising a lovely mix of cooked italian meats, cheese and bread. The rich Tapenade proved great for dipping. Lovely fresh chopped tomatoes on bruschetta but could have benefitted from some seasoning and maybe a touch of garlic.

We were spoilt with a choice of four main dishes: Strozzapreti Pugliese, a spicy pasta sausage dish, Risotto Zucca, squash and pancetta, Quattro Stagioni Pizza and Branzino Basilico, sea bass fillets with mash.

Top of the class was the spicy pasta, the sausage was delicious and the sauce had plenty of kick and plenty of depth of flavour. The risotto was lovely and creamy but maybe lacked an overall defining flavour, and could have benefited from a stronger flavour coming through from the pancetta and spinach.

As always with Strada the pizza was perfectly cooked with a thin crispy base and nice blend of toppings - a big hit with the kids. We were, however, slightly disappointed with the sea bass dish. The fish itself was beautifully cooked with the saltiness coming through well, however, the basil mash was a disappointment and poorly complemented the fish; consider asking for a roasted potato accompaniment or similar, which would have gone much better.

We finished off our marvellous meal with 3 desserts: Affogato, iced nougat ice cream with a shot of hot espresso, the Bunet Piemontese a rich nut-chocolate style pannacotta and a Pistachio Gelato. All 3 desserts were delicious and a great end to a great meal, but favourite was the Affogato which came to life with the hot espresso poured over the ice cream, an original and fun idea.

Overall a really enjoyable meal providing a relaxing escape from the stresses of shopping in Bath. Excellent service, great food and welcoming surroundings makes for a highly recommended dining experience.

Dave Wiley

Myself, partner and 2 friends had an AMAZING time at Strada Bath. The waiter was very friendly and food was served swiftly.

First to the table were delicious, light and chilled juicey olives; no nasty tastes just pure quality olives. The flat bread gave a lush burst of garlic and rosemary. The antipasto had the most creamy mozerella, which was stunning wrapped in parma ham.

Although 2 dishes were unavailable (Sea Bream & Pork) the manager substituted for the most delicious dish of Sea Bass on amazing mashed potatoes. The pizza was crispy and tasty. My favourite totally suprised me was the Strozzapreti Pugliese; pasta with rustic sausage and tasty brocolli (yep; tasty brocolli!). The risotto also was tasty as.

Prosseco helped all of this go down very well.

Then came deserts…Bunet Piemontese was my favourite; soaked in amaretto with crunchy biscuit, and so creamilly chocolatey..mmm. The gelato was also perfect.

A perfect way to celebrate after a long and heavy weekend for my 30th. Sociable and thoroughly tasty. Would totally reccomend to all!