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Situated adjacent to the Theatre Royal and a stone's throw from the Brighton Dome, Strada Brighton North Street is is the perfect venue for a pre-theatre or pre-show meal.

The restaurant has a bar area with comfortable booths and plenty of outside seating on the newly pedestrianised road - perfect for summer al fresco dining!


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160 - 161 North St

Contact details

Tel: 01273 202 070
Fax: 01273 731 001

Opening hours

Mon - Thu:
11.30am - 11.00pm
Fri - Sat:
11.30am - 11.30pm
12.00pm - 10.30pm

Free O2 Wifi available at this location
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Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Located in the tranquil Royal Pavilion Gardens, the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery has rich collections and exciting exhibits. Entrance is free.

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Read the latest reviews from our customers

Mark Mills

New Menu is pure authentic Italian. Amazing textues , flavours and high quality ingredients.

Favourite Dish was Quattro Pizza - Pizza divinded in to 4 for someone like me whom likes variety.

Great puddings too, Pistachio Icecream was so creamy and moreish!!

Tess Langley

What a lovely evening.

We’d never been to Strada before so were really excited to sample the new menu. The service was exceptional and the food was delicious. We thought it would be small samples of each dish but were very pleased to see each dish come out full size - it was more than enough food for everyone and I’m glad I brought three people with me!

The antipasti were really nice - a big slate of parma ham and salami, mozzarella and tomatoes with a delicious olive pate (we’d never had that before) and bruchetta. The flat bread was also delicious dipped in chilli oil.

The mains were all yummy but for me the best was the pork fillet, Saltimbocca Mailale - the meat was tender and the sage butter sauce was lovely. The parma ham wrapped around the pork worked really well. The pizza, pasta and risotto dishes were great - the pizza was devoured especially quickly, my favourite quarter was the Luganica sausage. The sea bream was beautifully presented and its subtle lemon & thyme flavours were a great contrast to the stronger flavours in the other dishes. Loved how it came out whole.

As if we had any room for more, the desserts came out, but thankfully were small and were very light so were enjoyed by all. The pistachio gelato was my favourite, but the other two desserts were equally tasty - the amaretto custard sweet was great and the Affogato was topped with a shot of fresh espresso - which really made the dish.

In all, the food we sampled (or more rather, scoffed!), was beautifully presented and really tasty and I’d have no hesitation in ordering or recommending any of the dishes to friends when visiting Strada again (which we most certainly will do!)

Thanks very much! :)

Mark Breedon

This review is based on four friends visiting the Brighton Strada in November 2012. There were two vegetarians; two meat eaters. We are all in our 40s.

Overall, a genuinely lovely evening. Atmosphere perfect. Majority of dishes were absolutely delicious; excellent presentation; extremely friendly and very knowledgeable manager. There was just enough food for four ravenous males. We will return for a second tasting. 8.5 out of 10

The menu was adapted for the vegetarian guests. The waiter carefully explained what was vegetarian and what contained meat.

Olives: Extra large, delicious and great texture.
Antipasto: A great selection of items to share. Olive tapenade was very tasty. Portion size a bit small. We required the flat bread to make a decent size starter.

Risotto: The vegetarian version had a perfect texture; but far too much salt.
Pizza: Thin, crisp base, with mouth-watering tasty topping. Perfect.
Fish: Cooked to perfection. Tender white fish fell off the bone. The taste was slightly over powered by the strong lemon flavour. It was one of the best dishes on the menu.
Pork: Succulent pork with ham, crisp beans and mash. Only one problem ... it was so delicious that the meat eaters wanted more!
Strozzapreti: A little bland. We were a bit disappointed with this dish.

Affogato: Texture and taste delicious. We did not realise that we should pour the espresso over desert!
Bunet Piemontese: The taste was wonderful and rich; the texture should have been a firmer (it was too sloppy) .
Gelato: A very gentle, delicate taste. This dish was a great end to the meal.

After the meal the manager chatted with us and got our instant feedback. It was very clear that she had great passion and pride for her restaurant; plus a great deal of knowledge of the menu and the ingredients. A great way to end the evening.

Elaine Jones

We were welcomed on arrival and shown to our table. Our waitress was very kind and friendly and explained what food we would be tasting and when it arrived, took time to explain exactly what the dishes were.

Olives - my friend ate these as I don’t like them, she said they were good.

Flat Bread - Very nice, thoroughly enjoyed this, just the right amount of garlic.

Antipasto - Platter was probably one of the best dishes. We both really enjoyed the selection of meats, cheese and tomatos. Very nice indeed.

Strozzapretti Pugliese - Pasta dish, Again very nice, chilli kicked in after a while.

Risotto - Not a great fan of Risotto, so just had a mouthful of this. My friend enjoyed it though.

Quattro Stagioni - This pizza was very good and tasty. The base was crispy and light and the toppings were very nice.

Saltimbogga Maiale - The pork was very tasty, lovely done, very succullent.

Oratia Al forno - Sea Bream. I had never tasted sea bream before, so was looking forward to this. It was absolutely delicious. We really tucked into this!

Affogato - Nouga semi freddo ice cream, did not like this too much but my friend did.

Bunet Piemontese - Neither of us liked this dessert, it was far too sweet, and do not like Amaretti.

Pistachio ice cream - I thoroughly enjoyed this, it was very tasty.

The whole evening was lovely, we spent 3 hours sampling all this gorgeous food. Would definitely recommend Strada to friends and family.

Clare Moloney

I visted the Strada Brighton and was immediately impressed by the decor and atmosphere in the restaurant. We were immediately greeted by a waitress and given a table by the window. I sampled the new menu which tasted very authentic Italian to me.

The Garlic bread is amazing as it always is. Tastes home made with Rosemary really authentic.

For starter we had Antipasto, sounds strange but it is a selection of yummy Italian flavours including a selecton of Hams, Salami, Mozorella , Tomatoes, and bruschetta. The taste and textures complimeneted each other for a really authentuic Italian taste.

For our mains we had Strozzapretti Pugliese which was a yummy pasta with a chilly zing, Rissoto Zucca which was a vegetarian Rissotto which against was delicious, Quattro Stagioni which is a pizza divided in to 4 with 4 different topping combinations great for the indecesive like myself again the flavours were unique to all the usual pizzas that make out they are italian inspired!

Saltimbocca Maiale, this was my favourite a melt in your mouth Pork fillet with Parma Ham in a creamy mash. Very Yummy . Orta Al Forna a White Fish , very high quality Fish, melts in your mouth but watch out for the bones.

Finally Puddings again Italian inspired and really high quality ingredients , my favourite was the Pistachio Ice Cream , tasted home made but if you love coffee flavour Affagoto or Bunet Piemontese will be a firm favourite. High quality food and ingredients with surprisingly real Authentic Italian ingredients with great service!


Nicholas Yon

On arrival the staff were extremely courteous and welcoming.

Our antipasti arrived and the olives were amazing..never had olives like this before, the bread and meats were all well matched and delicious.
Our main course risotto came which was the best ever, the pasta was unusual shaped/tasty and filling and the pizza was how should be thin and crispy. Then came our whole seabass which though was tasty would have preferred off the bone and the pork was cooked to perfection. By the time desert came we were cooing with delight and all three were light and delicious which were the perfect solution after a hearty meal.

We ordered 2 bottles of house red which was delicious and then had limoncellos to top off what was a lovely meal served by very polite and knowledgable staff. Highly recommended.

Peta Wilkinson

My taste buds went on a wild roller coaster ride when I went to review the new additions to the Strada menu.

The antipasto; a slate of meats, olive pâté, the softest mozzarella and crunchy bruschetta were tongue tingling with a fiery olive oil and cooled with a refreshing rosé wine.. A perfect plate to begin a meal or share with friends.

The Risotto Zuca, a melange of sweet and tangy flavours which became more delicious with every mouthful. The pumpkin and butternut squash being the perfect creamy partner for the crunch of the pancetta.

The Pasta Strozzapretti Pugliese with its hand twisted whorls was a delight, the chilli butter, sausage, and cheese making a rich and full flavoured dish. The chilli fire creeping up slowly. I particularly like the texture of the pasta.

I loved the four season pizza! A perfect pizza base, loaded with typical Italian ingredients, chunks of roasted artichoke perched, while the chestnut mushrooms nestled, the ham and sausage plentiful and created perfect balance. Again, great for sharing, something to satisfy veggies and meat eaters.

The Saltimbocca Maiale pork, a sage infused dish had the creamy texture of the delicate mash with the crunch of fresh green beans, and the salty pancetta with the sweet pork meat. The buttery sauce perfect for soaking into the mash and giving you a warm comforting feeling.

Next came the Orata Al Forno, my favourite, the sea bream. The fish was a feast! Delicately cooked and flooded with flavour from the lemons and thyme. It was complimented with crunchy roasted new potatoes; so juicy and tender, with a ‘direct from the sea’ taste. The green salad a healthy, light compliment to the impossible to resist potatoes.

The grand finales, the deserts were the explosive end to the menu, which although plentiful, felt light.
The Affogato was a volcano of flavour, the cold bite of the nougat ice cream melting into a pool from the espresso delicately poured over the top by the charming waitress. All the opposites were there, hot/cold, creamy/crunch, and the caffeine hit together with the desert, just right. A bowl licking extravaganza!

The Bunet Piemontese was also the perfect perky pudding. The rich amaretto infusing with the chocolate custard to give you that satisfying endorphin rush. The fine granulated crunch of amaretti biscuits topping the mound of ‘I dare you to eat me’ naughtiness.

The cool finale was the subtlety of the homemade pistachio ice cream, which felt clean to the palette. Beautifully coloured and textured and what you might expect from an Italian ice cream but isn't always achieved. So moorish my spoon couldn’t resist dipping in for more.
Thankfully, there was no wafer thin mint offererd to me after the meal, or I might have popped!

Luckily, I had three hungry men to help me indulge.