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Located in the heart of this beautiful city opposite the Canterbury Cathedral, Strada is a favourite for locals and visitors looking for authentic Italian food.

The restaurant has a modern and stylish interior and is perfect for taking a break from shopping or exploring the city's many sites and attractions or for business lunches and private functions.


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10-11 Sun Street

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Read the latest reviews from our customers

Kirsty Collard

We attended the meal as a family with two teenage children and were warmly welcomed. Throughout our meal the service we received was attentive but in no way intrusive.

All three starters were well received but our overall favourite was the Antipasto - a feast for our eyes and tastebuds - stunningly presented and packed full of fresh flavours.

The main courses were all of generous portions, served hot and delicious. Without a shadow of a doubt the Saltimbocca Maiale, by a landslide vote, was the star of the night. The creamy mashed potato topped with the melt in the mouth pork served alongside the perfectly cooked green beans was heaven.

It was at the dessert stage that the menu stumbled for us. Having a nut allergy suffer with us, we found no exciting desserts that were suitable for that person. That point aside the three of us that indulged in pudding were rather taken with the Affogato, the hot espresso shot taking it to another level altogether. On serving we thought the portion of Bunet Piemontese small, but with its richness it turned out to be just the right amount.

Well done Strada.

Sarah Robertson

We felt the olives would be better pitted, but to be honest none of us liked them as much as ‘normal’ olives. They had an usual texture and left a bit of an aftertaste.

The flatbread was very nice, although the flavours are quite subtle. Personally I like to be able to taste the garlic and rosemary a bit more. Very crispy though.

The antipasto was delicious in every way. We were fighting over it! The meats were wonderful and tasty and well complimented by the mozzarella and tomatoes.

The Saltimbocca Maiale was wonderful! This was the dish that we all enjoyed the most. It would be one we would order again without any hesitation! The pork was soft and so tasty. The mashed potato was very creamy and all tied together with a wonderful sauce. We would have quite happily eaten the whole thing four times over!

The pizza would be good to share, with the different toppings.

The strozzapreti Pugliese caught our attention due to the unusual pasta used in the dish. However, we found it to be quite stodgy and filling after a while. The broccoli was firm but that is perfect for me, but my companions felt it was a tad too firm. The chilli heat was subtle to start with but intensified slowly. We were slightly disappointed as there wasn’t much other flavour to the dish and felt it could have done with a sauce to tie it all together.

The Orate Al Forno was another favourite of ours. The whole dish was zingy with lemon. There was a perfect balance between the fish, sauce, potatoes and green beans. The only criticism would be that no-one liked the head on the fish, and we would have preferred it de-boned.

My fellow diners liked the risotto, that it had a good consistancy but was very filling. They liked the combination of flavours

One comment on all the desserts was that we had no idea of their suitability for diabetics. One of our diners is a diabetic so she could not partake. If their sugar content was listed, she could make an informed decision.

The affodato was a bit different and we liked it, however we felt that it was a bit odd as it melted, so perhaps a shot of cold expresso would have been better than hot. The coffee added a nice ‘bite’ to the dessert.

The Gelato we felt was wonderfully smooth, but rather lacking in flavour. However this did not stop us eating it all!

The Bunet Piemontese was lovely with the amaretto, I almost licked the plate clean! The chocolate was fantastically rich.

Our only other comment would be that the restaurant we went to, did not serve an alcohol free lager.

We had a lovely experience and the staff were helpful and attentive. The first table we were sat at were right next to a heater and we were all too hot. When we asked to be moved there was no fuss and we were moved straight away.

Emma Nevill

I was excited to learn that I had won the opportunity to be a food reviewer at Strada, I always enjoy going there although I have had a couple of dishes in the last few years that haven’t been that good. I like the atmosphere, good lighting and background music. There are a lot of nice touches, like bringing out tap water in a nice bottle rather than a jug and without being asked. The waitress we had was very welcoming and explained what was in each dish as she brought it out - although we have not received this level of attention in the past!

Firstly the olives arrived and they are fabulous. They are the posh green ones (Castelvetrano) which are a lovely inviting colour and are very juicy. I have only had olives nicer than these at Jamie’s Kitchen and they were a lot more expensive!

The garlic bread was lovely flavours but a little dry. In the places where it had bubbled in was very crunchy and turned to crumbs.

The bruschetta had lovely flavours but I felt it need more oil to bring it together as a dish, the tomatoes kept falling off! The slices of meat and mozzarella were nice and were of good quality. The olive tapenade was delicious and my favourite part of the platter - I wanted to eat it all but there was not enough bread!

To me and my meat eater friends, the star dish of the night was the Strozzapreti Pugliese pasta. The flavours were fantastic and all worked really well together. It was spicy without being overpowering and the broccoli was fresh and worked very well. Despite being very full, we finished this dish as it was just too good to leave! I can’t wait to go back and have this dish again.

We went for the vegetarian version of the risotto zucca and the vegetarian in our group loved it. It was very creamy without being too much, the rice was cooked perfectly and the lumps of butternut squash were very tasty. To the meat eaters of the group we thought it was a little bland and would have liked it with the pancetta!

The pork dish had lovely flavours which all worked well together. The mash was lovely and creamy and the green beans were not over cooked. Although there was nothing we could fault about this dish, I think I would have been a bit disappointed if I had ordered it as it didn’t feel it was that special.

The sea bream split opinion in the group. Personally I don’t like a fish to come out with the head and bones, to me it is just too much hard work to pick out the fish. However the fish was cooked well and it had great flavour. The sauce was too lemony for my liking but others in the group liked it. The dish looked a little crammed on the plate and the greens at the end looked a little squashed and didn’t make them look appealing.

The pizza was very tasty, a great base and tomato sauce. The toppings were generous and all tasted great. It was good cold for breakfast the next morning too!

The pistachio ice-cream was lovely, very creamy and a delicate flavour. To one of our group this was their favourite and they would definitely order again. I thought it was good but a little bland but then to me a desert should involve chocolate!

The tiramisu has great flavours, it was rich without being over powering. The coffee flavour was well balanced with the other flavours, I would happily order this again.

My favourite was the Bunet Piemontese. I liked the smooth chocolate mouse against the crunch of the nuts and biscuits - very lovely! However others in the group thought the mouse was too gloopy and rubbery. I wholly disagree!!

Henry Lewis

Centrally situated across the square from Canterbury Cathedral’s main entrance. Welcoming staff on entering, saddened to find bottles of cold tap water no longer standard issue (this always seemed a welcome touch).

Anipasto excellent, could have eaten all day had there been more. Green olives plump but a bit watery to my taste. Flat breads nice taste and texture but could have done with being warmer. Stozzapreti very hot (taste wise), not subtle but I enjoyed anyway. Chicken Milanaise a substitution for the Saltimbocca rather bland with dry potatoes. Quattro Stagioni pizza again not subtle heat wise hit the spot. Sea bream excellent, lots of bones to deal with, could this be served filleted?

Sweet wise really something for everyone. Pastacio icecream enjoyed muchly by my daughter. Bunet Piemontese overly heavy on the amaretto, acceptable. Affogato great if you enjoy coffee.

All in all a pleasant dining experience, room for improvement in the subtlety front but good solid dishes.

Gwenn Brown

The Strada in Canterbury lies within yards of the Cathedral Gates. You enter into a bright busy bustling area, our party of three were taken further into the restaurant to a more private and demure seating area.

The staff were all friendly, polite, professional and attentive.

The AGLIO (flat bread) was perfect, light with just the right amount of garlic. I could have eaten this all night.

The ANTIPASO was visually exciting, a wonderful selection of Italian meats, although the speck ham was a little dry. The bruschetta pomodoo complimented the dish well.

All the main courses were well presented except the PIZZA that was out of place in comparison to the other dishes. The PIZZA had the consistency of a flat bread and visually unattractive. It was very pale with the sausage, ham etc dry and cold on the top.

The PORK fillet was exceedingly tender and delicious with just the right amount of sage butter sauce. The green beans were tender and slightly crisp , well suited to accompany the pork.

We found the RISOTTO to have a strange consistency, it was a little over cooked and had too much butternut squash or pumpkin. However once you got over the fact it resembled rice pudding the taste was very pleasant.

The PASTA was surprisingly average considering its ingredients.

The SEA BREAM was greatly enjoyed by all, cooked just right it was delectably, delicious and flavourful. I prefer my fish filleted and served without the head and tail. The bones did prove to be a bit of a problem. The mini roast potatoes and salad were a good choice to accompany the fish.

We all agreed the GELATO was the nicest desert containing just the right quantity of nuts.

The quantity of amaretto was a little overzealous and bitter and the nougurt was a little tasteless. However when the AFFOGATO and the BUNET PIEMONTESE were combined the mixture of flavours were quite amazing.

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who is a lover of fine Italian food.

Sandra Sampson

I took a group of friends from work to try the tasting menu at our local Strada. We thought we might at least get a get a welcome and well done from staff but this didn’t happen so we set to, to taste olives and antipasto. No schiacciatella flatbread I’m afraid, no reason given.

The olives we big and had an interesting flavour. The antipasto was lovely, the big hit being the dressing on the tomatoes-it was fantastic.

We enjoyed all the mains.

Special mention goes to the flavour of sausage and unusual pasta in the Strozzapreti Pugliese, the very succulent whole Sea Bream and for me the Saltimbocca Maiale for its saginess-although this was a little strong for some members of the party. We all loved the Risotto Zucca. Maybe the least favoured was the Quattro Stagioni pizza.

The outsatnding part of all these has to be all garnish and vegetables were cooked perfectly and full of flavour- so a big well done to cheff and quality of ingredients.

David Weston

A past regular at Strada in Reading, our move to Whitstable saw us eager to see if the pizzas and other Italian treats could match up at our new local branch in Canterbury. Being pescetarian hadn’t been an issue with the menus of old, but our two recent visits to Strada Canterbury had left us both delighted (with the Pizza Contadina), and disappointed (with microwaved (not grilled, as billed) Polenta and lacklustre Tegamaccio, even taking ourselves to the till to pay as the service had been so slow).

The chance to sample the new Strada menu was too good to miss, and we were thrilled to be given the opportunity… and for the slate to be cleaned. An initial hiccup - no vegetarian main courses offered on the sample menu - was dealt with swiftly by the PR team who said any vegetarian in our party could order from the full menu. Why so many places feel obliged to add pork to otherwise good vegetable dishes is beyond us (even Antonio Carluccio sees no need for pancetta in his Risotto Zucca). Strada recently blogged that “Prama ham is good for everybody” which received a number of responses, not only to correct their spelling, but also to remind them about vegetarians and Jews.

Our party of three arrived for our 8pm table and received a warm, friendly welcome. The restaurant was quiet, but there was still a nice vibe with a cool jazz soundtrack, and we were shown to our table. We hadn’t realised that we wouldn’t actually be able to choose our dishes, and after taking our drinks order, the waitress said she’d be bringing our starters and was off! I went after her and said we were all pescetarian and that the Antipasto contained meat. She said she would ask the kitchen if they could prepare a vegetarian plate, and sure enough, they did.

The starters were fresh and tasty. Plump, creamy Castelvetrano olives arrived first, followed by our vegetarian antipasti which was delicious - mozzarella, tomatoes (fresh and sun-dried), bruschetta, rocket, olives… all well seasoned and a well-presented feast for the eyes. The accompanying rosemary flat bread worked really well alongside, and it was a very tasty start to the meal.

It was at this point that a party of 12 arrived and were seated at the table just behind ours. They were in high spirits, with volume to match, and given how the restaurant was so empty, front-of-house fore-thought should have seated us elsewhere upon arrival.
Nevertheless, our eyes were wide when our mains arrived: the sea bream looked fantastic. We’d all ordered the same, it being the only fish option, and we were all delighted. The fish was cooked to perfection: soft, buttery flesh flavoured with a thyme and lemon stuffing. The salad leaves added colour and freshness to the plate and the roasted potatoes were incredibly moreish. Our only complaint about this otherwise excellent dish, was that the fish was swimming in a sea of lemon juice at the bottom of the plate which completely overpowered the delicate flavours.

Desert was a mixed bag. Our favourite was most definitely the Affogato - the perfect creamy-caffeine foil to the lemony main, and the theatre of the dish adding to its appeal. The Pistachio ice-cream, we all felt, was lacking in flavour, and the nutty pannacotta-style Bunet Piemontese had the texture of a heavy blancmange though the splash of Amaretto helped bring it to life. Our tastebuds may well have been zapped by the lemon in the main course, so those lighter desserts may not have been fully appreciated as a result.

Cappuccinos were rich and frothy and delicious, albeit luke warm (though had been piping hot on a previous visit).

Service was very good throughout - friendly, helpful and attentive, and we’d all have no hesitation in going back to dine again. In fact, we’d probably order the same starters; the bream would have to fight against Strada’s delicious Contadina pizza as a main course selection (though there are delicious-sounding dishes for vegetarians and pescetarians alike in the full new menu). And for Dessert?… The Affogato, without question.


Alan Jones

I very much enjoyed my experience of the new Strada menu. There was a strong sense of regional variety in the choice of dishes, an imaginative use of herbs and a generous use of ingredients throughout - it was clear observing the dishes of other diners that this was the case not merely in the tasting menu.

The authentic Sicilian olives to start were pleasantly soft and fleshy, with a hint of avocado in the taste, and the Schiacciatella aglio thin and crisp with a satisfying hint of rosemary. The traditional antipasto was well presented, and the addition of the olive oil and anchovy paste was an inspired touch.

The Strozzapreti Pugliese, from the cuisine of Italy’s heel, was beautifully prepared, with the touch of heat in the taste a pleasant surprise, and the Risotto Zucca authentically moist and packed with warmth and nourishment – one of the stars of the menu. The pizza was light and crisp in the base and balanced in flavour. The pork (Saltimbocca Maiale) and the oven-baked sea-bream (Orata Al Forno) were beautifully cooked and presented, the pork melting in the mouth and the bream’s delicate flavour and texture subtly revealed in the baking.

The desserts were similarly impressive – the gelato smoothly Italian but taking an off-stage role to the astonishing explosion of hot espresso and nougat that was the Affogato, and the exquisitely balanced flavours of chocolate and amaretto in the Bunet Piemontese.

The wine I ordered, Padrino Rosso (Sicilia), proved a perfect accompaniment to the earlier courses, fruity, well-balanced and quickly developing more complexity as the meal proceeded.

Service was excellent – attentive, but not too attentive – and the offer of a festive punch at the end could not be resisted!

Altogether a well-designed menu, delivered with flair and attention to detail at the Canterbury restaurant, and an utterly memorable, very Italian experience.

Claire Acton

The setting and ambience was lovely! The mix of starters was delicious I would recommend the hand stretched flatbread it complemented the antipasto but could be just as good on its own.

The main dishes were lacking in some flavour and seasoning, Strozzapreti Pugliese was alot of pasta compared with the sausage etc and the red chilli butter and grana padano cheese was indistinguishable, all the dishes were freshly cooked though to order and the portions were generous.

Desserts were divine! Wine/drinks menu had a good variety to choose from. The service was friendly even when we got lost finding our way there we called and they happily guided us in.

Thankyou for an enjoyable evening I would go back

Alison Eardley

My husband and I had not eaten at Strada for some years, mainly because eating out has become rather a luxury and once we find a good place to eat, we are often reluctant to risk somewhere else in case it’s not as good.

We ate on a Saturday evening. We thought the restaurant, which filled as the evening went on, had a rather simple, yet elegant feel and the staff were very friendly and attentive, but without being intrusive. The atmosphere was relaxed, unhurried and as a couple, we felt out table was private enough.

So on to the dishes – we tried out the whole of the sampling menu and here are our thoughts, with star ratings for each (5 being the highest):


Olives – the large green olives were very tasty. I prefer to have a selection including black olives too, but the size of them was impressive and there were plenty to share. **

Garlic flat bread – This was extremely tasty – the flatbread style meant that you had a mix of soft garlicky bread and then some crunchy bits – it tasted of good quality too. Didn’t lend itself to being cut using knife and fork, so a finger food. ****

Antipasto platter – This was absolutely divine. There was plenty to share and the selection on offer was just amazing. Definitely enough for two to share, great quality and beautifully presented. The rocket was really fresh, the ham was beautiful and the two breads delicious. We would thoroughly recommend this dish. *****


Strozzapreti pugliese- This pasta dish sounded extremely interesting but was possibly the most disappointing dish we tried. Whilst the pasta itself, named after the image of clothes being wrung apparently, was very attractive, as was the colour of the broccoli in, the sausage meat was less appealing to look at. In terms of taste, there was a real lack of sauce – the chilli butter was really sparse and although provided an initial spicy kick, this was not followed up with anything exciting. For us, the dish was too dry for us and rather bland. **

Risotto zucca – This was one of my favourite mains. Risotto is always a risky choice as you never quite know how good it will be and there can be a tendency for it to either be slightly too moist or too bland. The dish was attractive, smooth and velvety and it had a very nice aftertaste. Of note was the blend of butternut and pancetta – usually butternut is used in vegetarian dishes, so to find it mixed in with a meat was really exciting and extremely tasty. I would definitely order this again. *****

Quattro stagioni – The four-pizzas-in-one was a novel idea that my husband in particular enjoyed. It was well cooked and very attractive to look at. The olive oil base made it feel lighter than pizzas from elsewhere. I found the separation of the meat and vegetable toppings a little unappealing taste-wise, not because of the quality but because I prefer to eat them together, but my husband enjoyed this. Certainly a sharper knife to cut it would have been useful. A novel idea that we felt pays off and at least one of us would order this again. ***

Saltimbocca mailale – We both agreed that this might not be something we would naturally order from the menu, as pork can often be tough and dry. We were very pleasantly surprised. The pork was cooked beautifully, with no fat whatsoever, it was tender and the crispy parma ham offered a contrast in textures that added to the enjoyment greatly. The sage butter sauce was absolutely delicious, as was the mashed potato, which was smooth and light. The green beans added a crunch. In all, a fabulous dish that both of us would order without hesitation. *****

Orato al forno – As a fish lover I was actually very disappointed with this dish. Whilst it was very beautifully presented, there was no sauce which made the fish extremely dry. The fish itself had very little flavour. The potatoes were very hard, and the green salad felt rather boring. It all felt rather bland, and was not something we would order again. *


Affogato – Wow – this was a show-stopping dessert and a reason to visit Strada. Pouring the espresso over the nougat had the effect of first creating a molten edge to the nougat, and then as you ate the dish, a rather delectable nougat-coffee lake around the edge. The nutty topping added a welcome crunch and we thoroughly enjoyed this very special dish. *****

Bunet piemontese – As a chocolate lover I was initially a little disappointed at the portion size of the dish. However it was a fairly rich dish so actually the portion size was just right. It was incredibly tasty and again a combination of flavours that is unusual to find in a dessert. The soft chocolate against the crunch Amaretti biscuits and the warming amaretto liqueur was delicious and we would be hard pushed trying to decide whether to order this or the affogato. *****

Pistachio gelato – This was served as two scoops of pale-green pistachio ice-cream with a tube wafer. The ice-cream itself was a lovely colour and was intensely creamy. There was however very little, if any, pistachio flavour which was disappointing. As a cream ice-cream this would have been delicious but described as pistachio, it was rather lacking. **

Overall we felt the quality of the food and the quality of cooking was extremely high and would certainly not hesitate to eat at Strada again in the future.

Nancy McDonald

A sensational new menu far exceeding my expectations!

On a chilly night we were greeted to a warm restaurant and pleasant welcoming staff. Our waitress, Livia, had a good knowledge of all the dishes and gave us excellent service throughout the evening.

Our starters were imaginative with a good mixture of tastes and well presented.The flatbreads were light with the delicate taste of rosemary a great addition.The tomatoes tasted sweet and fresh,lovely on the crispy bruschetta.The platter was ideal for sharing with just the right amount and variety for a starter.

Of the five main dishes the star dish must surely be the sea bream cooked to perfection with the subtle tastes of lemon and thyme not overpowering the fish.The accompaniment of the beautifully cooked roasted new potatoes made this dish well worth coming back for.

The surprise of the evening was the risotto, full of flavour with good texture.The variety and generous additions of butternut squash,pumpkin and spinach blended well to make a delectable dish. The best risotto I’ve ever tasted!

The pizza had ample toppings, moist with a good crispy base.The roasted artichoke worked especially well with the textures of the other ingredients. It was a generous size and maybe could be precut to stop it shooting off the plate.

The pasta was tasty with quite a “kick” from the chilli.

The only slightly disappointing dish of the evening was the pork which was overly salty and seemed to have an unusual texture.

Of the three desserts it would be hard to choose the best to recommend as they all were delicious in their own way. With that in mind maybe a sample of each on one plate would be good alternative if possible. If I had to choose, the Bunet Piemontese tasted amazing - a delight for lovers of nuts and chocolate.

All of our group said we would love to revisit Canterbury Strada. I can recommend the new Strada menu as a truly exciting delectable Italian meal. The staff at Canterbury should be congratulated!