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Since Strada opened it's doors in this beautiful town it has become a favourite amongst locals.

Situated on the picturesque Montpellier Street, the restaurant is split over two floors of this Regency Building and has plenty of outside seating. It can seat 100 people.


  • Outside seats
  • Free wifi


6 - 7 Montpellier Street
GL50 1SX

Contact details

Tel: 01242 253 410

Opening hours

Sun - Thu:
11.30am - 10.00pm
Fri - Sat:
11.30am - 11.00pm
11.30am - 9.30pm

Free O2 Wifi available at this location
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Read the latest reviews from our customers

Janet Cutbush

The Strada restaurant is situated in the attractive Montpellier area of Cheltenham. The restaurant looks smart with seating outside. Great for alfresco dining in the summer. We were a party of four booked for lunch & were greeted by a pleasant young man & shown to a table by the window. The place was very quiet when we arrived but soon began to fill up with a mixture of couples & ladies who lunch. Guy our waiter was with us moments after we sat down to take our drinks order.

The wine, olives & breads quickly arrived. All were excellent. The Schiacciatello Aglio is a flat bread, freshly baked with garlic & rosemary. Next came the Antipasto. A wooded platter overflowing with cold Italian meats, tomato & onion Bruschetta,tapenade, sliced tomato & mozarella. Delicious!
Just when we thought things coundn’t get better The Pasta & Risotto course arrived. Stogzzapreti Pugliese ideal for people who like food hot & spicy, Risotto Zucca ideal for vegetarians & very tasty.

The Pizza course was Quattro Stagioni, freshly cooked & a mixture of flavours so you could try a bit of everything.
Main Courses were Saltimbocca Maiale. A whole fish & my personal favourite dish of the meal. It was served with roast baby potatoes & fresh green beans. The others in the party prefered the Orata Al Forno. Thin slice of tender pork, quickly fried. & served with a delicious sauce on a bed of mashed potato.

Just when we thought we had no room any more food we were tempted by an array of deserts & couldn’t resist. Affogato was my favorite but all were good.

Our waiter Guy looked after us very well. Happy to answer all our questions. Nothing was too much trouble.

We look forward to many more visits to Strada Cheltenham.

Clare West

Tasting Italy

My latest visit to Strada was on a brilliantly sunny day – although a very cold one – so the warmth of the restaurant and the greeting was especially welcome. My companion and I were setting out to try a full tasting menu of Italian delights. This was a real challenge but one made easier by the attentive staff who took their cue from us and paced the courses to ensure that we had time to digest and discuss each element before the next arrived.

Needless to say we started with a glass of wine - Prosecco for me and Montepulciano d’Abruzzo for him - and a dish of Strada’s excellent Castelvetrano olives. Now I love olives so it is no surprise that I enjoyed the fresh tang of these fruity specimens – but my companion is not an olive fan at all. Persuaded to try a few he declared them not only good but indeed good enough to order the next time he sees them – a real tribute. And so on to the delicious flat breads and the antipasto – a selection of Italian ham and salami, a mozzarella and tomato salad, tomato bruschetta and a delicious olive tapenade. The dish was beautifully arranged and each element was good, although the bruschetta was rather bland and was better as an accompaniment to the other items than alone.

We set aside the pizza for a later date and moved onto the Risotta Zucca for me and the Strozzopreti Pugliese for him. The risotto was properly seasonal with squash and spinach as key elements. It was well prepared but a little too starchy for my taste – I am sure squash and rice can be combined to divine effect but not this time. On the other hand his pasta with Luganica sausage and broccoli and a red chilli butter really hit the spot and he declared that he would certainly order it again.

Onwards – after a decent pause - to the main courses. My dining companion declared the Saltimbocca Maiale (Pork fillet with parma ham, mash, green beans and sage butter) to be beautifully cooked – moist and full of flavour. And yes, I did try some and yes I did agree! His only criticism was that the sage leaves, bound in traditional style into the saltimbocca, were very strong and did overpower the rest of the dish at times. My own choice was the Orata al Forno (whole sea bream pan roasted with green salad and roasted new potatoes) The fish was splendid – beautifully cooked. The moist delicacy of the flesh was complimented by lemon and thyme and the roast potatoes were really delicious. And as for the salad – well I must admit that I always have low expectations when the menu describes a dish as accompanied by a green salad but in this case it was a seasonal mix with spinach, crunchy green beans and watercress and it had the dark and slightly bitter flavours which were the perfect balance to the rest.

We paused. We talked about this and that. We enjoyed the gentle buzz of the restaurant and finally we faced up to pudding. There were three choices so we shared the pistachio ice cream –very rich and creamy and smooth. Then I had the Affogato (iced nougat semi-freddo ices cream with a shot of fresh espresso coffee to pour over) which I loved. I adore the flavour of nougat and I adore strong coffee – so this was a pudding delight for me. Meanwhile I delegated the Bunet Piemontese (a sort of rich chocolate custard served with chopped hazelnuts, and crushed amaretti biscuits and a splash of amaretto liqueur) to him. For, dear reader, I am that eccentric creature – someone who doesn’t really enjoy a chocolate pudding! He does though – and an enthusiastic thumbs up was followed by words like “very smooth” and “very chocolatey” and a general air of well being!

We enjoyed an excellent cup of coffee and then headed out into the late afternoon sunshine – very content!

Well done Strada!

Paul Veysey

Four of us popped in for a late Saturday lunch from the new Tasting Menu, and while we’ve used Strada a lot in the past, it seems that with this new menu, they’ve excelled themselves.
Olives of such a vivid green, you’d swear they’d been hand painted, were some of the best we’ve ever eaten. The Antipasto platter was of the highest quality, both in ingredients and preparation.

Then came the Strozzapreti; pasta with Pancetta, the pasta properly al dente and the salty, smokey tang of the pancetta.
Delivered with this was the most unctuous Risotto Zucca with melting winter squash…...or maybe pumpkin; by this time our chums were a couple of bottles of Gavi in, whilst Her Ladyship and I were on our favourite from the extensive winelist, the Aglianico, a variety only Strada seems to keep on a regular basis.
The Quattro Stagioni Pizza came and went in a tasty blur.
Whilst the Gavi Slurpers were singing the praises of the Saltimbocca, I was hogging the Baked Bream.
This beautiful fish is so easy to get wrong by overcooking, even briefly. This one was perfection: fresh, moist, and perfectly timed and dressed.

Desserts came at about the same time as that moment you know you’re going to open that last bottle you probably shouldn’t.
But hey, it was a great afternoon, no-one was driving…...time for the coffee lover’s Affogato for me, with a choice of Pistachio Gelato and the rarely seen Bunet Piemontese, a soft, rich caramelly, chocolatey pud which was washed down with a little more wine, and huge smiles.
Thankyou Strada; just a top afternoon with marvelous grub, cheery, professional service, and a warm afterglow.

Dr Sally Adams

We (my boyfriend and I) visited Cheltenham Strada on a buzzing Saturday night.

To say we ate a fabulous feast is a complete understatement.

We started with some gorgeous doughy, rosemary and garlic breads and juicy giant castelvetrano olives. The antipasto that followed was a selection of cured meats, the most delicious olive tapenade, flavoured with anchovy and milky mozzarella.

For mains we ate strozzapreti pugliese- tasty sausage and strozzapreti pasta in a rich buttery sauce with bold garlic flavour and a chilli kick, the quattro stagioni pizza-with four different toppings including gorgeous salty cotto ham and artichokes.

My favourite main dish was the risotto zucca, this is not something I would normally order but the flavours were beautiful and subtle and the butternut squash and pumpkin were so fresh.

Next came the saltimbocca maiale- a wonderfully juicy pork fillet served on the fluffiest mash and the orata al forno (the boyfriend’s fave) whole sea bream cooked in lemon and thyme.

Finally, although we struggled for space we still devoured the bunet piemontese-a rich silky hazelnut custard, the pistachio gelato-just divine! and the Affogato which marries creamy nougat laced ice cream with rich hot espresso.

The evening was absolutely fabulous. The staff were wonderfully attentive, especially the supervisor working that evening; Chris.

Thanks Strada for a lovely night out-see you again soon.

Kathy Evans

We were made to feel very welcome by the staff on entry to Strada based in Montpellier Cheltenham.We got to taste each and every dish on the taster menu and the three of us were quite impressed.The presentation was spot on every dish apart from the pizza.

We started with the Castelvetrano olives a large green mild tasting olive which suited our palette then came the garlic and rosemary stretched flat bread very tasty although a little too much rock salt had been sprinkled on which did spoil the taste a little, apart from that the bread was deliciously garlicky. The Antipasto dish looked stunning on the slate slab and combined many great Italian flavours, the hams were tasty and the buffalo mozzarella mild creamy and delicious went very well with vine ripened tomatoes.The olive tapenade for me was a little too rich and didn’t really go with the rest of the dish.

The mains came each one very well presented. If your a lover of chillies then the Strozzapreti Pugliese would suit you,delicious pasta with sausage, pancetta, broccoli and with a good helping of red chillies which gave it a real kick.The pumpkin ,butternut squash, pancetta, spinach and pine nut risotto was one of the nicest risotto dishes I have tasted and cooked to perfection as risotto should be, this was my favourite out of the dishes that I tasted. The Four fab pizzas in one a real let down in appearance and in taste, it certainly didn’t catch my eye. Although it came with four toppings it lacked cheese and pizza sauce avoid that one on the menu. The pork fillet with sage butter my friends and I were not so keen on, the fillet was tender but the sage butter overwhelmed the dish a little. The whole sea bream cooked to perfection and looked and tasted superb as were the little roasted new potatoes a great dish for a fish lover.

The deserts were all very tasty, the iced nougat semi-freddo with the shot of hot expresso creamy and the expresso complimented the desert. The Bunet Piemontese,a rich custard with chocolate,hazelnuts and crushed ameretti biscuits and a generous splash of amaretto liqueur was heavenly and would certainly recommend, I could of consumed another of those far my favourite of the three. Lastly the pistachio ice-cream, lovely with the subtle flavour of the pistachio which my friends enjoyed. The taste superb unlike some other pistachio ice-creams I have tasted. Overall some great new dishes to Strada’s menu and certainly well worth a visit for you to try these. My friends and I enjoyed our visit immensely and cannot fault Strada for quality and food presentation. I shall look forward to visiting again very soon.

Kelly Martin

My visit to Strada in Cheltenham was a beautiful journey through Italian cuisine. My partner and I felt very welcome and the new menu tantalised our taste buds in a truly delightful way. Accompanying our meal we enjoyed a soft smooth glass of Pinot Grigio and this suited the food perfectly.

All of our meals were well presented and we had many surprises as some of the menu options were not normally something we would enjoy but we were pleased to discover new food choices.

The large Castelvetrano olives were a high quality olive, with a well-balanced flavour, not too overpowering. And as someone that disliked olives before I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy them. The Schiacciatella Aglio Flat Bread was beautifully fragrant, infused with a sublime flavour and cooked to perfection. As a garlic-lover the balance of rosemary and garlic made me go back for more time and time again.

The Antipasto was Italy at its best. I loved the platter of Italian flavours and the ability to chat and socialise in such a relaxed way, helping myself to the bruschetta that was superbly moist and combining the bread with ham, mozzarella and a delicately flavoured olive tampenade that simply added to the taste sensations. The entire starter menu transported me to Italy combined with the relaxing atmosphere of Strada.

After talking to the waiter I loved the meaning of one of the main meals the Strozzapreti Pugliese (strangled priest) and this made our dinner more entertaining to discover the story behind these Italian dishes. I had never tried this particular pasta and loved the soft texture combined with the flavoursome red chilli butter, sausage, pancetta and brocolli. While this was not my favourite dish from the main menu this was also cooked to perfection and the chilli really combined the flavours wonderfully.

The Quattro Stagioni had excellent toppings and as we have a preference for thin based pizzas we thoroughly enjoyed the well-balanced selection we had at Strada. The toppings were just the right amount and the tomato base did not overwhelm the senses but allowed for a light pizza dish without the stodginess that sometimes comes with other pizza bases.

The Saltimbocca Maiale surprised us the most. It took me some time to realise I was eating pork. The cooking method made the pork the most tender taste I have ever tasted for a pork dish. Being wrapped in parma ham brought out a flavour in the pork that was unusual to me but in a wonderful way. And the mashed potato was the best mashed potato I have ever tasted.

I simply adored the Risotto Zucca. I love risotto but had never thought of combining squash and pancetta before. The risotto flavour was a match made in heaven and even though we expected to love the meat and fish dishes more we enjoyed the risotto the most.

The sea bream was cooked very well and was easy to fillet at the table, it was not overly seasoned and it really brought out the fragrant flavour. As bream is not a fish I had tried before I could not compare it but my partner said it was a very good bream and tasted good.

Ending our Italian journey the desserts were light and complemented the entire menu. I loved the Affogato as the combination of ice cream with fresh expresso transported me to my trips to Italy as a child and also my love of coffee. The Bunet Piemontese was surprising and something I would not have thought of as a dessert but I realised this is how the Italians eat, light dishes that encourage socialising and an evening of enjoyment. The pistachio gelato was fantastic, something I will definitely be trying again, it finished the meal perfectly.

Overall the new menu took me to little Italy, made me feel I was in an outdoor courtyard restaurant surrounded by olive groves, laughing and enjoying a thoroughly good Italian experience. The dishes were light enough to not weigh me down and I left with a smile on my face.

Rebecca morgan

Last Saturday night myself, my husband and 2 good friends spent a wonderful evening at Strada Cheltenham, where we reviewed the new menu.

The evening started with great service, curtesy of our knowledgeable waiter, Will Spiers who talked about every dish he brought us with confidence and enthusiasm.

To start, we were brought some wonderfully plump large green Olives, fresh from Sicily. Followed quickly by some lovely warm garlic and rosemary schiacciatella aglio flat bread and then a good antipasto, which was bursting of great Italian flavours: Parma ham, Napoli salami, Spack ham, tasty buffalo mozzarella and vine ripened tomatoes. The bruchetta to top was nice and crisp, we just felt it needed a dressing.

For main course we were served Strozzapreti Pugliese, which is a classic pasta dish from Puglia containing sausage, pancetta, broccoli with red chilli butter and grana padano cheese, which was tasty, but we felt it was missing something and suggested this was perhaps tomato? The pasta was a touch overcooked too but nonetheless a good dish. This was followed by the faultless Risotto Zucca, which was a gorgeous mix of pumpkin, butternut squash, pancetta, spinach and pine nuts. We all loved this dish.

Next up was the Quattro Stagioni pizza which is essentially four pizza’s in one: luganica sausage, Italian cotto ham, roasted artichoke and chustnut mushrooms. All the toppings were delicious, and the traditional Italian base was good and crispy on the outside, however slightly soggy in the middle (as commented on by my half Italian guest, who owns an outdoor pizza oven at her home!)

We were then treated to two more really good dishes: The Saltimbocca Maiale was a tasty well seasoned pork fillet, served with a lovely mash, great crunchy green beans and a delicious sage butter sauce which complemented the meat nicely. Our final main course, was the amazing Orata al Forna. The decision was unanimous that this was all of our favourite dish. It comprised of a whole sea bream, pan roasted with lemon & thyme, served with a green salad and roasted new potatoes. The fish was large and cooked in it’s own juices to absolute perfection! If interested our second favourite dish was the Risotto Zucca followed by the Saltimbocca Maiale.

After a little breather to let our food settle and enjoy the wonderful bottle of red, we then set out to demolish the desserts. An Affato which was Iced nougat semi-freddo ice cream with a shot of hot fresh espresso to pour over the top was amazing and didn’t last long in one of my guests hands. A chocolate feast was next on the menu in the form of a Bunet Piemontese. Similar in style to a rich italian chocolate pannacotta with hazelnuts and crushed amaretti biscuits, it is served with a generous splash of amaretto liqueur and would win over any chocolate fan. Finally, mine and my husband’s favourite dessert, the delicate pistachio gelato which was smooth and not too sweet on the palate. All of these desserts would charm most foodies.

To conclude, we were very impressed with the food and the service (great waiters and manager) in Strada. The food is generous, reasonably priced and really delicious. Infact, it wipes the floor with it’s competition, particularly the ‘other’ well known Italian restaurant based in a church nearby which cannot seem to get these basics right. We certainly will be coming back, and will be recommending Strada, Montpellier to our friends. Thank you for giving us the opportunity.

Christine Turnill

We were warmly and efficiently welcomed to the restaurant by Chris the supervisor.

Firstly we were served a plate of Castelvetrana olives. Lovely large, bright green olives glistenings with a touch of olive oil. Good flavour.

Next came the Schiacciatella Aglio Flat Bread. This was absolutely wonderful crisp, salty and with the fragrance and taste of fresh rosemary. Served was the antipasto of salami, spec ham,mozarrella, tapenade and brushetta. Beautifully presented on a stone slate. The only minor niggle was I would have liked some balsamic vinegar to drizzle over the mozarella and tomato, but appreciate this could be my personal taste preference.

A slight pause until the Risotto Zuzzca, Quattro Stagioni and Strozzapreti Pugliese. My personal favourorite was the Risotto, although would have liked this to be slightly more loose and gloopy. The flavours were good. Pizza was ok, nice to have different flavours on each quarter. Prefer pizza crisper, although it was nice and thin.

Pasta slightly too oily for my taste, but Luganica sauage very tasty.

Longer pause now until Saltimbocca Maile and Orata Al Forno. Tried deserately to find Saltimbocca on a recent trip to Italy to no avail as this is an old favourite of mine. Very well flavoured and presented dish and one I would definitely order in the future. Then again very difficult to choose between this and the excellent sea bream. Crispy skin, stuffed with fresh thyme and lemon. Moist and fragrant. Lovely dish.

Now onto dessert. Outstanding dessert has to be the Affogato with expressor. Absolutely fantastic, one minor niggle I personally would have liked to be served slighted more iced. Disappointing Pistachio gelato, bland and prefer to have some texture in the form of chopped pistachios. Also could take or leave the Bunet Piemontese - not a strong flavour of chocolate, more crushed Amaretti biscuits required and couldn’t really taste the amaretto liquer.

All in all thanks for a fantasic meal, good service and ambiance. Will defintely return.