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Leamington Spa

Strada has become a welcome addition to the Leamington Spa restaurant scene. Says Warwickshire Living, "with the food, the setting and the friendly hospitality you will feel like you are in a real Italian piazza."

The restaurant forms part of the newly developed Regent's Court shopping area, with an outside seating area and a modern and stylish interior.


  • Outside seats
  • Large print menu
  • Free wifi


90a Regent's Court
Livery Street
Leamington Spa
CV32 4AT

Contact details

Tel: 01926 420 094
Fax: 01926 335 307

Opening hours

Mon - Sat:
9.00am - 11.00pm
9.00am - 10.30pm

Free O2 Wifi available at this location
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Read the latest reviews from our customers

Ali Wills

We were welcomed on our arrival, shown to a table and our starters arrived quickly. I’m a big fan of antipasto and wasn’t disappointed! The garlic and rosemary flatbread was incredibly light - complemented the antipasto perfectly without being overpowering. My husband managed to find a stone in his tapenade, but it didn’t stop him from tucking in.

The Strozzapreti Pugliese was tasty and certainly had a bite to it; not only with the spicy sausage and the chilli butter, but also the crisp broccoli. However, the Risotto Zucca was definitely the star here. The rice was perfectly cooked - the flavours and textures worked so well together; the sweet squash, the salty pancetta, the earthy spinach and the pine nuts - I will be looking for the recipe on the website! Enjoyed every mouthful.

I don’t tend to order pizza at Strada; there are too many other dishes to try, however I did enjoy the Quattro Stagioni. The base was light and crisp and the classic topping combination was really good.

I was a little disappointed with the Saltimbocca Maiale; I personally found it a little tough and whilst the flavours were good, I would have like to have tasted a little more sage.

The Orata al Forno was light and fresh and again as something I wouldn’t necessarily choose, it was great to have the opportunity to try something a little different.

I much prefer a starter to a pudding but I would definitely save room for the Bunet Piemontese! Just fabulous! And let’s face it, no one quite does ice cream like the Italians, whether rich and nougaty and drenched in espresso - Affogato - or served simply as it is, like the Pistachio Gelato.

The staff were friendly throughout the evening and seemed genuinely interested in making our experience the best it could possibly be. There was a large party in whilst we were there and there was never any sign of panic in the kitchen. It all appeared to be working smoothly and efficiently.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a Strada Food Reviewer - many thanks Strada Leamington Spa!

Josh Dobson

Great food. Would have been nicer if they had been brought out in four (since there were four of us) but good service.

Best dish we thought was the fish and/or the risotto. Not so sure about the pasta/broccoli dish. Although better then the few weeks before when I went to dinner with another reviewer, we feel the dish is trying to be many different things at the same time. Would be better mild not spicy.

Tom Ives

Before our starter arrived we had Castelvetrano olives which are my all-time favourite. These were crisp and sweet, but not as buttery as others I’ve had, but this may be due to previous ones I’ve tried being in more salted oils. The starter then arrived and it was beautiful – hand stretched rosemary flatbreads that were fluffy and crispy with a platter of antipasti to share. We had Parma ham, Napoli salami, Trentino speck ham, mozzarella and tomatoes and crispy bruschetta. My favourite was the black olive tapenade which was rich and tasty.

Onto the next course – pasta, pizza and risotto.

The pasta dish was Strozzapreti Pugliese which was simple and stunning. Fresh, meaty, al dente twisted pasta (which I think is made in house – at least it was in the Birmingham one.) This was dressed in a chilli butter with sliced sausage, pancetta and broccoli - cooked perfectly to have the same slight bite as the pasta.

The pumpkin, squash, spinach and pine nut risotto had the pancetta removed to make it vegetarian for Jennie, and it was rich and smooth.

The pizza was Quattro stagioni – and a fine example with great chunks of chestnut mushrooms, spicy Luganica sausage, ham and a personal fave – roasted artichoke. Served on a perfectly crisps thin base it had the slight edge on our homemade efforts.

Onto the fish and meat! The next two dishes were the showstoppers – a whole sea bream seasoned with lemon and thyme, served with green beans and slices of roasted new potatoes. This was simple and refreshing – exactly how good fish should be cooked.

The other dish I thought initially was rose veal because it was light in colour and sweet, but looking at the menu later it was ‘Saltimbocca Maiale’ pork fillet with crispy Parma ham wrapped around. This was sat on bed of smooth mashed potato, green beans and covered in sage butter. The whole sha-bang was rich, hearty and hard not to finish, even though desert looked as epic as the other courses.

The first dessert Affogato looked stunning – a generous scoop of nougat semi freddo ice cream in an oval bowl, with an espresso shot to pour over it, so that it pooled below and slowly mixed as it melted the ice cream.

The second also contrasted two different elements perfectly. Pannacotta style set custard made with chocolate, hazelnuts and crushed Amaretti biscuits was served with a splash of amaretto.

Silky pistachio gelato came last, which was the perfect palate cleanser to end the meal.

Service was friendly and attentive, with each course arriving as the last was finished. I took my eight month old daughter Bella along and was made very welcome – we had a table with plenty of space around it and help making her bottle to keep her full and happy while we ate.

All in all the entire new menu is up to Strada’s high standards, with a few new stand out options to try.

Sharon Willox

On arriving we were seated within 30 seconds of us reaching the till, the resturant was very busy but the drinks menu was given to us 4 minutes after we sat down, the staff were lovely and very pleasant.

Now the food. OMG it was out of this world. Looking at the tasting menu I really thought I was going to struggle with what was offered but I had a bit of everything and a lot of the Risotto Zucca which was the dish of the night we were fighting over it and if this was the only thing offered we would of all gone away happy, 2 my guests said the garlic bread was the best they have ever tasted and the big fish eater of the group enjoyed her fish although she wishes the head would of been removed, the pizza was yummy and a good choice of toppings.The mashed potatoes were the creamist I have ever tasted, although the pork was a little tough. I Loved the pasta dish but one of the group it was too spicy.

The deserts we all had our favourites so there was something to suit everyone, one of group thought the Bunet piemontese was a little to strong in alcohol, but I thought it was yummy.The Gelato e sorbetto Pistachio was a big hit as it was very light and by this time we were all full to bursting.

Would I go back? try stopping us. We all have not stopped talking about it and recommending it everyone ..thank you for choosing me.


The tasting menu was a fantastic experience.

We took along my Partners’ parents and really enjoyed all tucking in to the traditional courses, having a little bit of everything. The Aglio & Anti Pasto platter are a definite recommendation - I will order these every time I go, now.

The Quattro stagioni was a great Pizza to share, the base was delicious, and everyone has their preferences with Pizza so you could have a slice of what you like.

I thoroughly recommend the Saltimbocca Maiale, it was absolutely divine.

For desert, my favourite is the Affogato - really really delicious.

Georgina Watkins

The menu as a whole was excellent. There were a few bits that weren’t quite to personal taste but were enjoyed by the others dining with me.

The starters were light and pleasant and the risotto was incredible.

My favourite was the panacotta dessert which was sensational.

Cyd Dawe

Loved everything on this new menu from the succulent olives to the desserts, the ‘bunet piemontese’ - a rich chocolate custard with hazelnuts was heaven.

The ‘strozzapreti pugliese’ - pasta, sausage, broccoli and red chilli butter was a lovely dish with a bit of a kick to it. not to be outdone, the pork dish and sea bream were equally fantastic.

All in all a fantastic meal out.


David Sims

My wife and I frequently dine in restaurants of Strada’s “ilk”, but this was the first time we had dined in a restaurant belonging to this particular chain.

When making the booking, the individual we spoke to was helpful and polite, expressing that other people had partaken in the reviewer’s menu earlier in the day and had really enjoyed their experience. We found the restaurant easily, as it was signposted from the main road, and only had a brief wait when we entered before being shown to our table- not a problem at peak time on a Saturday night.

Our coats were hung up for us, and a bowl of fresh olives were immediately placed on our table with our drinks order. Neither my wife nor myself are fans of olives, but I have to say these were very tasty, and they were a lovely start to the meal. We then were brought the Schiacciatella Aglio (Italian breads) and Antipasto, (a selection of meats and cheeses with salad and breads). Again, these were both delicious; my wife does not enjoy ham, but even she wolfed down some warm bread with the thin slices of meat and soft cheese.

The main courses then began, with us both enjoying Strozzapreti Pugliese and Risotto Zucca. We both enjoyed the risotto, which we could both comfortably report as being, without a doubt, the best risotto we have ever tasted. The Strozzapreti Pugliese was a tasty pasta dish with sausage meat and chilli; I enjoyed the spicy tang, but towards the end of the dish it become slightly overpowering, distracting slightly from the taste of the pasta and meat.

We were then brought three final main courses; Saltimbocca Maiale, Orata al Forno, and Quattro Stagioni. And here was the next nice surprise of the evening; despite my usual distaste of any seafood, I found myself really enjoying the cooked fish and mini roast potatoes. My wife enjoyed the pork dish, and especially the creamy mashed potato that accompanied it. The pizza was as to be expected from an Italian restaurant; crunchy crusts, thin base, and nice toppings; but it didn’t jump out at me when compared to similar pizzas from other restaurants, as it was quite thin on toppings. The size and taste was fantastic, however.

We completed our meal with three desserts; Affogato, Bunet Piemontese, and Pistachio Gelato. The pistachio icecream was a welcome refreshment, and the Bunet was a gorgeous rich chocolate dessert topped with crunchy biscuits and hazelnuts- perfect. Finally, the Affogato was a soft iced nougat with warm coffee- a strange combination but I think it worked well. Our favourite dessert had to be the Bunet Piemontese- delicious.

We will most definitely be back again. It is not the cheapest restaurant on the current scene, but you do get good quality service, excellent dishes, and a perfect blend of different ingredients which come together to give an accurate taste of Italy. All in all, an extremely enjoyable evening dining out.