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A modern Italian restaurant located on the High Street amongst the trendy boutique shops and restaurants of Marylebone Village.

Split over two floors, the restaurant is a favourite with Marylebone locals and those taking a break from shopping, hosting business lunches or putting on a private party.

Drop by and enjoy the friendly service and a menu of freshly made hand-stretched pizzas, pastas, risottos and secondi.


  • Step free access
  • Accessible toilets
  • Free wifi


31 Marylebone High Street

Contact details

Tel: 020 7935 1004

Opening hours

Mon - Sat:
11.30am - 11.00pm
11.30am - 9.30pm

Free O2 Wifi available at this location
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Peter Atkinson



The olives were a fantastic green colour and had particularly juicy flesh. Combined with a glass of cold white wine or prosecco (or three) (which was our choice) they were a great combination to tickle the taste buds. The schiacciatella flat bread was so simple but amazing flavours of garlic and rosemary came through and I’m not sure if can visit Strada again without partaking in a piece or two!

STARTER - Antipasto

A typical Italian sharing dish with a great selection of hams and salami. My favourite though was the Campania buffalo mozzarella which just melted in the mouth, my only complaint was that I had to share it! Bruschetta is something that can be served in many different ways but Strada’s Bruschetta pomodoro was the classic garlic brushed bread with chopped tomatoes and seasoning. Not overly fussy and great tasting.

PASTA & RISOTTO - Strozzapreti Pugliese & Risotto Zucca

On this occasion as one of our party was vegetarian we chose the Risotto Zucca without the pancetta and the chef was more than happy to accommodate - proving it was made freshly to order, winner already! This was a completely new tasting experience of pumpkin and butternut squash which resulted in a fairly sweet risotto. Spinach and pine nuts were also added which added a lovely texture to the dish as well as taste. On a personal note although I really enjoyed this dish, and wouldn’t hesitate in ordering it again, due to its sweetness I would prefer it as a smaller portion, perhaps a starter, or recommend it to be shared. That said, if you chose this dish with the pancetta (as it should come) this would probably add a different dimension of saltiness to contrast with the sweet - damn, we should have tried both!

The Strozzapreti Pugliese, (an amazing area of Southern Italy and favourite of mine) was a delicious mix of Luganica sausage, pancetta, broccoli with red chili butter and grana padana cheese amongst a more than healthy helping of ‘twisted’ pasta. While the ingredients were all great in their own right we did not find that they ‘gelled’ together particularly well. It was quite a ‘dry dish’ and we felt it would have been helped by a little more of the red chili butter. The dish was also quite salty, perhaps due to the two types of meat.

PIZZA - Quattro Stagioni

Being an absolute Pizza enthusiast this was the dish I was most looking forward to. Strada makes, in my opinion, (no, I’m not getting paid for this!) one of, if not the best, Pizzas. Outside Italy of course! As suggested, if you can speak a little of the Italian lingo, the pizza is split into quarters - some would say great for sharing, but they obviously aren’t greedy like me! The first quarter had Luganica sausage, the second Italian cooked ham, the third roasted artichoke and last but by no means least (and turned out to be my favourite) chestnut mushrooms. I can’t fault Strada for their pizza, they seem to pull it off every time and this was no exception. What I would say, however, is that I personally never have trouble in deciding which pizza to choose and I certainly prefer not to share (you’re getting a picture of me, right?) both of which this pizza would be ideal for. Maybe just a little too much going on otherwise.

MAIN COURSES - Saltimbocca Maiale & Orato Al Forno

Unfortunately we didn’t get the opportunity to try both the mains as we were, by this point, begining to feel a little full! We did, however, opt for the Saltimbocca Maiale, a pork fillet covered with crispy parma ham on a bed of mashed potatoes with green beans and a sage butter sauce. The pork fillet was, regretfully, overcooked, almost as if it had been cooked, left, and then cooked again, it was just too tough. The mashed potatoes were well seasoned and the sage butter sauce a delight. The green beans were also cooked to perfection, although some had been topped and some tailed, which didn’t look as nice as it could have, but we couldn’t fault the taste.

Deserts - Affogato, Bunet Piemontese & Pistachio Gelato

Three deserts - I mean, THREE deserts! How come we can always manage to find room at the end of a meal for a bit of sweetness? Someone did once tell me we have two stomaches, one just for desert?! Well, where do I start? I jumped straight in with the Affogato, a deliciously creamy iced nougat combined with ice cream and nuts. This really is heavenly and one of the best deserts ever. It also comes with a shot of espresso which can be poured over the top. This is, of course, optional but I would urge anyone who seems slightly disturbed by it to give it a go, it’s simply pure magic! The hot espresso melts the outer layer of the affogato and you get a really amazing ‘hot&cold;’ combination with every mouthful. I could literally eat these every day, except for the fact you get a little ‘buzzed’ from the caffeine - but then you could always take it with a decaf espresso!

The Bunet Piemontese followed and I have never tried anything like it before. It is described as being similar to a Panacotta but in fairness I think the Panacotta (excuse me all you panacotta lovers) has to be the poor sister of this desert. It’s deliciously chocolatey, there’s hazelnuts, crushed amaretti biscuits and a good old splash of amaretto liqueur - a simply to die for combination!

The last of the three deserts was the Pistachio gelato and, after experiencing the Affogato and the Bunet Piementese, you certainly wouldn’t try to compare them. Italian ice cream is always going to be a winner though if you just want something a little sweet but not too filling, and this really hits the spot. The colour was a fantastic green - pistachio, obviously - and there were two generous scoops. My one gripe would be that I’m actually quite a big pistachio fan and I would have liked even more of the pistachio flavour to come through, but that’s just me. Not a dazzler of a desert but, seriously, when you’re talking ice cream you really can’t go wrong with Italian gelato!


Strada Marylebone is a great little venue, it’s small enough to feel cosy but larger enough to create a great atmosphere. The food is competitively priced and there are some great wines available. All in all the overall experience was fantastic and the guys at Marylebone really helped to make it special. And more than that, it wasn’t just because we were reviewing the menu. I took great pleasure in watching the general service from the staff and Strada really gets this right - well done!

Thanks again for this amazing opportunity!

peter. x