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Milton Keynes

Strada Milton Keynes is part of the buzzing Hub MK overlooking the central piazza.

The restaurant is the perfect place for taking a break from shopping, business lunches or private functions and has plenty of outside seating for al fresco dining.


  • Outside seats
  • Large print menu
  • Free wifi


500 The Hub
Midsummer Boulevard
Milton Keynes

Contact details

Tel: 01908 238 900
Fax: 01908 238 908

Opening hours

Mon - Sat:
11.30am - 11.00pm
11.30am - 10.30pm

Free O2 Wifi available at this location
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Read the latest reviews from our customers

Paul Fryer

Our party of 4 visited the Milton Keynes restaurant on the 3rd December.

For starters our table tried a few between us, the Antipasti, Flat bread and Olives.

The Antipasto was exceptional and combined a perfect mix of flavors with just enough of everything. The highlight was the olive tapenade which was absolutely delicious. Maybe some pesto would have been nice for the bread although there was a small amount on the tomatoes and mozzarella.
The Olives were also very nice but should be served with some bread rather than just the olives. The garlic and rosemary flat bread was too over salted which ruined this somewhat, this definitely needed to be toned down.

For the main courses we had the Orata Al Forno, Saltimbocca Maiale and Strozzapreti Pugliese.
We were all very happy with our choices. The Sea bream was cooked perfectly and potatoes were delicious. This was probably the most liked main course between us. Nothing could improve this dish!
The pork fillet was melt in the mouth and worked well with the Parma ham. The sauce, although looked too watery was actually perfect. The mashed potatoes were lovely and a nice consistency.
The pasta was nice but a few more pieces of broccoli and sausage would have made this dish better. The spice was just about correct without being to overpowering but it just needed a few more mouthfuls of veg to eat with the pasta.

The puddings were not as well received as the rest of the meal.
The Pistachio ice-cream had no taste at all and didn’t look particularly appetizing either.
The Bunet Piemontese was ok for a few mouthfuls but the chocolate was too over powering and only half could be eaten.
The Affogato however was very tasty and was a nice taste and consistency, definitely one to have again.

Overall the meals were well received and the antipasto and fish were particular favorites which would definitely be ordered again.
The staff were very good but the restaurant was far too cold. One diner was eating in their jacket and portable heaters were being used. It is an issue at this time of year and despite mentioned it to the staff nothing could really have been done at the time to improve this (cold night and a big glass frontage to the restaurant).

S Powell

To start with we were presented with the Olives, Flat Bread and the AntiPasto. The Anitpasto was superbly presented on a slate and had a varied mix of textures, flavours and colours. There was something for each member of the party to enjoy. The garlic bread was thin and tasty, while the olives appealed to certain members of the party who enjoyed them. We were then presented with the Quattro Stagioni, a pizza with four different sections. The pizza was a good size and was thin and crispy. The toppings were generous and the flavours varied.

For mains we shared the dishes. The Saltimbocca Maiale consisted of a succelent piece of pork alongside a creamy mashed potato. The dish was tasty and satisfying and would be a safe choice for the unadventurous.

The strozzapreti pugliese was a very tasty pasta dish which contained a nice chilli kick. Again this dish contained varied textures due to the broccoli in particular and would certainly be enjoyed again.

The Risotto Zucca was a favourite of one member of the group. It was cooked perfectly and the nuts added to the texture of the dish. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The Orato al Forno, was a whole sea bream and was succulent and a firm favourite. The fish came straight off the bones and was moist and tasty. The accompanients were good however the fish itself stole the show.

The desserts were flavoursome and topped off the meal well although I personally felt they were not as inspiring as the rest of the meal although the rest of the party disagreed with that statement. The ice creams were full of flavour and the chocolate fondant - chocolatey!

On the whole we had an excellent meal and service. The only drawback to the evening was the temperature of the venue which was a little too cold!

We definitely will return!

Colin Bradley

Four of us sat down in Strada Milton Keynes on a cold Sunday evening, and looked over the tasting menu we were to work our way through, and we were all happy with what we saw.
To make a better balance of eating, the House Manager suggested that he brought the main course Quattro Stagione Pizza out at the same time as the three true starter items - we were OK with this!

Along came a bowl of delightfully sweet Green Castelvetrano Olives, delicious and fresh, absolutely zinging with flavour. The basket of Schiacciatella Aglio flat bread, with the gorgeous flavours of Garlic and Rosemary, beautifully salty as well, was also delightful. The Antipasto Platter was a visual stunner, with the colours of the ham, salami, mozzarella and tomatoes, as well as a wonderful tapenade and Bruschetta. We loved the combination of flavours, with particular mention for the tapenade. We would have liked a bit more seasoning in the tomatoes on the bruschetta, and more bread is needed on this plate. We found that the Flatbread worked very well with the flavours, and we think would be better than the one slice of bread offered on the platter. We liked the Pizza - a good base, we liked the fact that the tomato paste went to the edges of the base, and the four flavour choices on this pizza are really good. A pizza we would order again.

And so, on to our mains…. and what a feast of flavours this turned out to be! Firstly, Strozzapreti Pugliese - a delightful pasta dish with sausage, pancetta and broccoli. One of our number found this a bit peppery for her liking, with the red chili butter seasoning this dish, but for the rest of us it was just fine. Then there was Risotto Zucca - reading on the menu that this had pumpkin, butternut squash, pancetta, spinach and pine nuts, we were expecting something with a lot of flavour, but all of us felt this was quite bland and the only real disappointment of the evening. Saltimbocca Maiale, served with mashed potatoes, green beans and a sage butter sauce, was well received. We felt the flavour of the pork was amazing, and beautifully moist and tender. The mash was just stunning and delicious! Finally, we had Orata al Forno - a whole pan-roasted Sea Bream, served with a green salad and roasted new potatoes. Of the four of us eating, only one would possibly have chosen this dish as a main, but it is fair to say that all of us were just blown away! The fish was an absolute delight - soft, full of flavour, cooked to perfection, crispy skin - and converted the rest of us to having it again! The beautifully roasted new potatoes were yummy, but we all felt that the green salad didn’t add anything to the dish.

We then had a few minutes rest before our desserts - which we needed! but what came along was a very pleasant set of puddings to finish our meal.We had Affogato, an iced nougat semi-freddo with a shot of hot espresso to pour over it. Two of our party, not into coffee, tasted this before we added the espresso, and loved the creamy dessert - the crunchy top was also good, adding extra texture. With the added coffee, this dish took on all the flavours of a tiramisu, and was lovely. Bunet Piemontese, a bit like a pannacotta, rich chocolate, with hazelnuts and Amaretti biscuits to add crunch, and a wonderful shot of Amaretti liqueur was definitely the highlight of the three puddings - we all of us loved it! So creamy and smooth with the contrast of the crunchy base. Wow! Pistachio Gelato was just what it said - a really flavoursome ice cream from central Italy with heaps of yumminess.
We were well looked after by the staff at the restaurant - the complimentary shots of Limoncello being given to all diners by the manager were particularly appreciated. We tried some new things, re-visited some favourites, and generally speaking we felt it was a first-class meal showing the range of Italian flavours and styles.

We will be visiting again!

Fiona Balding

I wasn’t relishing going out on a wild wintery night but as soon as we arrived at Strada , Milton Keynes we received a very warm welcome from friendly and attentive staff.

Food arrived prompty, I am pleased to say that it exceeded my all my expectations.

It was difficult to fault anything, Sea Bream was slightly overcooked and although the pork was delicious and moist it could have been improved with a bit more colour in the garnish.

Highlights, the antipasto starter was fab, particularly the favour of the Mozzarella and the tomatoes and on my next visit I shall definately be having another portion of the risotto, superb flavours cooked to perfection.

And then there were the desserts all were delicious but the nougat demi ice with expresso was the real star on the menu.
Thank you Strada Milton Keynes, we had a fabulous meal and will return soon.

Robert Secret

Wonderful evening at Strada in Milton Keynes
It was a bitterly cold evening with a strong wind so when I arrived at 7.30 the restaurant was not quite warm enough - problem went as the heaters took control and it was a pretty exceptional evening.

The modern decor and restaurant design was superb.

The service was exemplary - we had a very helpful waitress who was totally charming. I did not get the impression she was putting on a show for a reviewer and the whole place seemed to have a very happy atmosphere.

Going through the courses
Olives - fine
Schiacciatella - just as it should be
Antipasto - A lovely selection, well presented
Strozzapreti - I did not feel this worked very well, bland and not very interesting
Risotto Quite - superb with some subtle flavours - as good as a risotto could be, excellent
Pizza - Some good things but the thin base was far too soggy (for want of a better word)
Saltimbocca - quite wonderful and the sage butter lifted the dish
Orata - A wonderful fish, superbly prepared and cooked - the star of the evening, lovely flavour and texture. I do not think I have ever tasted a better fish dish.
All the main dishes came with vegetables cooked to perfection, nothing overdone, just right. A good selection in the salads and both roast and mashed potatoes absolutely fine.
Affogato - This did not quite work and the coffee overpowered the dish.
Bunet - totally heavenly, wonderful flavour and texture
Pistachio Gelato - Lovely

It was a lovely evening, many thanks for selecting me to review your superb restaurant

Sharon Worsley

We cannot fault our visit to the Milton Keynes restaurant today. The menu was a variety of taste sensations which appealed to everyone in our party in one way or another.

The starters were a good introduction to what was to come, one ‘could do better’ would be a little more garlic in the bread and pizza. The bruschetta was to die for and definitely a must try for all!

The mains were varied and exquisite. Everyone partucularly enjoyed the sea bream and stated it would be the one meal at the top of their list.

The desserts were lovely and a great way to end a meal without feeling over-indulgent.

I took my 82 year old mother in law (her only negative comment was that the plates could have been heated up), my mother (56 years old and quite a fussy and small portion eater) and my husband (will eat most things and I (will try most things!)who are 49 and 39 respectively). We felt it appealed to all ages and wasn’t ‘too fancy’ with good quality food and portions. We also had our 5 month old baby and the people working there (Kasia and Redha) could not have been more accomodating, not only with our baby, but with us if they had tried.

We had never visited Strada before today but enjoyed it so much we will definately be there again! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be your reviewers!

Glenis James

I attended Strada at the Hub Milton keynes with 3 other guests. The staff we at hand to greet us and show us to our table within minutes our choice of wine had arrived. We were informed how the Menu would be presented which was very helpful.

The Olives were large and tasted beautiful.

Flat garlic bread with rosemary was awesome.

Antipasto…. olive tapenade was so also awesome my guests were in full flow and quiet as they proceeded with through the entire platter with delight.

Quattro Stagioni…the base was light thin and crispy taste like no other and would certainly be my choice on my next visit it was wonderful each mouth full was full of flavor and exquisite taste.

Strozzapreti Pugliese….was itself so full of flavor with the chilli and Luganicia sausage.

Risotto…. i really dont like Risotto but i was pleasantly surprised with the unique taste.

Saltimbocca Maiale ... wow this was the queen of all dishes it would be my choice as main meal on my next visit to Strada what a unique taste and served on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes and sage butter sauce which went well with the fresh green beans just cooked enough so they had a nice crisp taste it was awesome.

Orata Al Forno…. i was taken back when the waiter served this course which was the king of dishes i just said OMG it was delightful light and fluffy it tasted like no other fish pan roasted in Lemon and Thyme the fish served 4 and enough roasted potatoes and green salad for all.

To finish:
Bunet Piemontese
Pistachio Gelato

From the 3 dishes to finish The Bunet Piemontese was the master of all for my guests and myself this alone was so so so awesome and the generous splash of amaretto liqueur just finished this exquisite dish.

Affogoto…. is just ice cream to me so would not be my choice although the espresso made this dessert a little different

Pistachio Gelato.... although not our favorite caused a little tussle between us to who got to finish this.

I would like to thank all the staff who worked so hard to make this taster session perfect and the service not just to us but to all who were in the restaurant was the very best of all.

The bottles of wine we chose were of good quality and not expensive and was served at the right temperature as my guest and i love to think we are connoisseurs of wine.

May |I thank you once again and do hope we can try out one of your new menu in the future and we will continue to enjoy our visits to your restaurants around the country Cardiff / Birmingham mail Box / Milton Keynes / Edinburgh / Manchester / Hitchin are just a few in which we have had pleasure in visiting.

Thanking you for the lovely opportunity

Glenis and all Guests

Carol Head

Booked in advance and table was ready. Tables seem to be a bit too close together and rather small.

Overall the food was good and service was good.

Antipasto starter - was well presented on slate plate and very good portion for one. Schiacciatella Aglio was soft and nice with just right amount of rosemary.

For main course we ordered Strozzapreti Puglese , Saltimbocca Maiale and Orata Al Forno. Unfortunately they did not bring Strozzapreti Puglese instead bringing chicken in mushroom sauce - which was nice but not on tasters menu ! They offered to change but it was half eaten by then.
Saltimbocca Maiale was very tasty. Veg were well cooked Mash potatoes very smooth. All well presented. Orata Al Forno - Good flavor but lots of bones and have to fillet yourself at the table - would have been better if bones were removed, you would get much more to eat.

Desert - Affogato - mouse with expresso - very nice, well presented. very creamy. Bunet Piemontese - Amaretto flavored chocolate mouse - very strong amaretto flavor. Looked a bit lonely on the plate need an accompaniment. Pistachio Gelato - nice flavor, generous portion. Some chopped pistachio on top would have improved it.

Overall we enjoyed the food