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Strada is part of the Intu Eldon Square shopping area, and has stunning views overlooking the war memorial on Old Eldon Square.

Split over two floors the restaurant has a mezzanine level, floor to ceiling glass frontage and plenty of outside seating for al fresco dining. It's the perfect place for taking a break from shopping, business lunches or private functions.

** NEW! Preview Strada’s fresh new summer menu at this restaurant from 18th June 2013. Full of crisp, bold new flavours and summer delights, these dishes are not to be missed! **


  • Outside seats
  • Large print menu
  • Free wifi


Intu Eldon Square
Blackett Street

Contact details

Tel: 0191 261 6070
Fax: 0191 261 6886

Opening hours

Mon - Sat:
9.00am - 11.00pm
9.00am - 10.30pm

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Read the latest reviews from our customers

Phillippa Lee

The festive outlook with sparkling trees on a rectangle grass sq was an encourging start.
The staff were fabulous - my friends suitably grateful. I feet Christmasy for the first time!
The ambiance of the restaurant was bubbly and nice. It felt as thought we were among friends.
The food was mixed. Mostly good - the starters of Olives, meats and melting mozzarela with a wonderful garlic bread. The Bream was tender, the pasta spicy, and the Pizza - well, very thin and and good. The Risotto was undercooked - it should be creamy with a tiny bite - but it felt dry and unpleasant in the mouth.
The desserts were a hit. Overall I liked the food - but I would have ordered some green salad - our next door table had a wonderful looking bowl of greeness we were all envying!
It was a lovely evening and I would visit again.

Fiona Modral

Warm and friendly welcome , even though we were not paying :-) . Starter of olives garlic bread and anti-pasto was fresh and tasty, main course of sea bream on a bed of mash was gorgeous, my husband is not over fond of fish but he kept tucking into it, we also shared fillet of pork on a bed of buttered mash and green beans which melted in the mouth. Next was a four season pizza which was fine and tased nice though I personaly would have prefered more cheese and tomato, next when there wasn’t much space left was rissoto and a pasta dish the rissoto had pine nuts in which added lovely crunch and the pasta was spicey well cooked with lots of flavour.

The staff allowed us to breathe for a while before three gorgeous desserts arrived, chocolate mousse with amaretto , pistachio ice cream and a nougat mousse all of which were lovely and we managed to push a few spoonfuls in before we popped, over-all a lovely dining experience , well worth trying and we will again with our wallets next time obviously , thanks Strada.

Alan Bowman

Strada Newcastle is situated in the heart of the City Centre, overlooking Old Eldon Square. The restaurant is spacious, clean and the mezzanine area gives the entire place a very open feel.


The olives were fresh and a good size, just as they should be. Stealing the show was the Schiacciatella aglio (garlic bread with Rosemary), which struck the balance of salt and herbs perfectly.


A delicious choice, with the highlight being the Risotto Zucca; creamy risotto rice punctuated with good quality pancetta. The pine nuts added an extra layer of texture. The pasta was also delicious and surprisingly spicy. I’m not a fan of fish so will have to reserve judgement on the Orata Al Forno, although it was fresh and cooked to perfection. Lower in my ratings was the Quattro Stagioni. The base was a little too thick for my liking and unfortunately you could tell that it wasn’t made fresh in a pizza oven, which for me is the hallmark of a great pizza. All in all though, a very nice selection of mains.


The desserts were delicious. Creamy pistachio ice cream which melted on the tongue. The chocolate pannacotta was smooth and very nicely framed by the amaretti sprinkles. The highlight of the entire meal however, had to be the Affogato. Deliciously sweet, contrasted with the sharpness of the espresso. Amazing texture and very moreish. I could have had 11 plates of that.


Overall, a very nice selection of dishes. The desserts definitely stole the show and the risotto and pasta were personal favourites too. Unfortunately, the pizza left me wanting, and the portions were a little smaller than I would like to have seen for an Italian restaurant. Overall though, a delicious selection.

Dave Porter

Three starters, five mains and three desserts for four people, we were not going to go hungry! We received a warm welcome at Strada Newcastle and were very well looked after, as always, by the excellent staff, especially Julie.

This was a great opportunity to sample some new dishes. Olives, garlic and rosemary flatbread and Antipasto to start. The bread is really good, freshly made and a nice appetiser. Antipasto, served on what looks like a roof tile, is a nice mixture of Italian meats and cheese with bruschetta. A good start, but a shame that the wine we ordered was not available.

One of our party is vegetarian, but eats fish. She thoroughly enjoyed the sea bream saying it was ‘lovely’. Fish is not my favourite, I never order it, but this was beautifully cooked, well presented and very nice. We all enjoyed the Risotto Zucca, a well constructed dish with lovely flavours that blended nicely. The Quattro Stagioni is a classic pizza, this had a thin and crispy base and lovely fresh toppings, very nice, nobody beats Strada for pizza!

I thought the pasta was a little bland, but the dish had a nice mix of ingredients and with just enough chilli it’s not bad. My wife thought is was a little too hot. For me the best dish of the night was the Pork. This was beautifully cooked with superb Parma ham, crispy, melt in the mouth thin and with a lovely flavour. Served with wonderful mash and a creamy sauce, this is a dish I will have again.

We all loved the Affogato desert. A beautiful iced nougat with a shot of hot expresso. You can’t go wrong with this. The pistachio ice cream was a disappointment, it needs more flavour. But the Bunet Piemontese is superb, a great shame I had to share it! The Amaratti biscuits hit you straight away but then fade as the other flavours come through. This is a superb dish, not to be missed. I’ll be having that again too.

Thank you Strada, see you soon.

Jill Craig

We visited the Newcastle restaurant at 7.30pm on a Wednesday night. This is a modern yet cosy restaurant with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and floor to ceiling windows that look out onto lovely trees decorated with lights. We were well looked after by attentive and informative staff. I am usually skeptical of Italian chain restaurants but each strada we have visited has felt unique with freshly cooked traditional italian dishes.


Although the olives were quite salty they were a vibrant fresh colour. They were large and looked very appetising. The aglio flat bread was very well recieved with a good balance of rosemary and garlic and a fantastic smell! The antipasto was very well presented on a slate board and all of the flavours worked well together. My favourite part was the mozarella with fresh vine tomatoes eaten with the Italian ham. The only criticism was the tapenade which was very overpowering.

The mains:

The winner by far was the orata al forno-whole sea bream. We were not really ‘fish people’ but we are now! This dish was to die for and my friend said it was “the best thing iv tasted for ages!”. It came whole, head, eyes and tail included which normally would have put me off but i now think cooking it this was probably added to the flavour. The fish was chunky and white, perfectly cooked and seasoned with lemon and thyme. The only thing we would change was the roasted new potatoes as they were a bit dry and maybe just boiled new potatoes would be better but this certainly wont stop me from ordering this again.

The saltimbocca maiale - pork was presented well and the first mouthful was lovely, well cooked and not at all chewy or tough as is often the case with pork. However the second mouthful was a totally different taste with a very strong perfumed taste to it. The waiter asked the chef about this and were told it is as half is cooked with a bayleaf which can be very strong. Maybe we were just unlucky this time and the flavour was too concentrated on one half.

We loved the idea of 4 pizzas in one though it was quite dry. We felt that the base was maybe slightly too thin and a bit more sauce would have helped and also the artichokes may have benefited from being more finely chopped. The other toppings however were very tasty.

The risotto was lovely, very creamy though contrasted with the crunch of the pinenuts, squash and pancetta which stopped it from feeling to heavy. Very well cooked.

The strozzapreti pugliese pasta unfortunately didn't have much taste other than the chillis. This could be a really nice dish with a thicker sauce and less chilli to allow the other flavours to come through.


All 3 were amazing! We never usually leave room for dessert but after tasting these we will definately be back for more! The pistachio gelato was very light and refreshing yet felt like an indulgent dessert-not an easy achievement! the affogato was a delicious contrast of hot and cold and the bunet piemontese was an amaretto lovers heaven! The more amaretto the better for us and the use of both amaretti biscuits and amaretto liquer provided this. My only problem will be choosing only one next time.

Overall our favourites were the warm bread, sea bream and all 3 desserts! I would (and have) strongly encourage everyone to try the seabream as it really was exceptional. The menu felt very fresh and seasonal and we will definately be back. Thank you for the opportunity to be a food taster!

Katie Ogilvie

On the first cold Sunday in December, we went to see the Fenwick’s window (my husband, 2 children aged 11 and 8, and myself) then arrived at Srada.

We were seated on the bottom half of the restaurant - and it was a bit nippy. Those big windows, which open so well in the summer, let in a draft.

The food was a treat - delicious starters, beautiful fish, pizza and pork - we loved the mash and the pork itself - the pasta was also unusual and tasty - but our favourite was the squash risotto.

Puddings went down a storm - as they always do.

We really enjoyed it - just let down by the temperature of the restaurant.

Tracey Scott


1. Olives - I was the only person in our party of 4 who liked olives. Olives are olives and were lovely.

2. The garlic and rosemary Flat Bread was absolutely lovely, fresh out of the oven with lots of garlic

3. Antipasto - presented lovely and very tasty.


1. Strozzapreti pugliese - absolutely lovely unique meal, which I would not have chosen had I had to pick a main course for myself, but this was very tasty. The pasta itself was lovely tasting and the flavours of the sausage and pancetta together complemented the pasta splendidly. I would definitely have this on my next visit to Strada.

2. Risotto Zucca - another meal I would not have chosen had I been picking off the menu myself. It was very nice with quality vegetables and very satisfying.

3. Quattro stagioni - a fab idea of 4 different topping in each quarter of the pizza. A great idea would be for customers to be able to pick the 4 toppings themselves for a nominal surcharge based on the ingredients they wanted for their toppings. The pizza was cooked to perfection as often pizzas are overcooked round the edges.

4. Salimbocca Maiale - this pork was nice and tender, cooked perfectly. The mashed potato was “proper” potato, expertly cooked and served. The green beans were nice, although all our party prefer them cooked longer.

5. Orata al forno - The sea bream was absolutely delicious and had a fab flavour to it. I tend not to pick fish in restaurants, so this was a pleasant change, and was served very attractively with green salad and some perfectly cooked roast potatoes.

After the 4 of us worked through all these meals we were starting to feel very satisfied and ready for a nanna nap!


The desserts were absolutely out of this world and we were all particularly impressed with the Affogato (iced nougat ice cream). It was served with some hot expresso but we did not want to pour this over the ice cream in case it spoilt it, so one of my friends just drank it!!! The pistachio gelato sounds a bit unappealing but it was absolutely delicious. I cannot describe what it tasted of but it was lovely. The bunet piemontese was equally nice.


Being a reviewer for the new menu at Strada was a great experience. I usually stick to the same food in an Italian restaurant for fear of getting something I did not like as much as my favourite (lasagne)! This was a fabulous opportunity to experience tasting dishes we would not normally have chosen in Strada.

Strada has a very trendy ambience and the food is well presented in a timely manner. We had a very pleasant server, who knew the menu well. We were well looked after and given lots of attention. My only concern was that the drinks are bottled sodas, the trend in a lot of restaurants now is unlimited refills. The coffees were nice but the teapot was only half filled and the tea was strong whereas my guest preferred weak tea. Another comment I would like to make is that I think each dish should have had serving forks and spoons with each dish, rather than each of us having to use silverware we were eating with.

Barbara Stephenson

I took three friends with me for lunch and we had a real culinary treat. The staff were very welcoming and happy to explain the various dishes to us.

We started with olives followed by Antipasto, a selection of Parma ham, salami and bruscchetta and delicious garlic an rosemary flat bread. We all agreed that we would not normally order Antipasto, but we have been converted.

The main courses also did not disappoint. My favorite was the pork dish (Saltimbocca Maiale) the pork, topped with crispy Parma ham was delicious. We had Sea Bass instead of Seam Bream and that too was well cooked and is a dish we would order again. The pasta dish and rissoto were very tasty, and we ate most of the pizza but we wanted to leave some space for the desserts.

I love gelato and the pistachio ice cream did not disappoint. The chocolate mousse and the nougat ice cream served with hot espresso to pour over was my friends favorite.

We all agreed that the food was excellent, the staff friendly and we would definitely recommend Strada to our friends.

Amanda Oakley

Starters - 9/10 - All excellent, no complaints whatsoever!

Strozzapreti Pugliese - 6/10 - Good but not great. All the ingredients were good quality but the dish didn’t seem to come together very well and perhaps needed a sauce.

Risotto Zucca - 3/10 - Disappointingly bland. Needed more squash and perhaps some sage to add flavour.

Quattro Stagioni - 8/10 - Light crispy base and tasty toppings.

Saltimbocca Maiale - 9/10 - Just delicious.

Orata al Forno - Not available.

Affogato - 8/10 - Really tasty but the portion was a bit on the small side.

Bunet Piemontese - 10/10 - Amazing. Rich and creamy with just the right amount of alcohol.

Pistachio Gelato - 4/10 - Lacking in flavour, needed more pistachios.

Barbara Rennison

Great place to eat out in the city centre. Excellent food recommend the Orata Forno it tasted wonderful. Good choice on menu very friendly helpful staff - served by Francesco. Pleasant surroundings certainly not rushed even though the restaurant was busy. Desserts heavenly this place is certainly a winner.

Kate Reader

What an evening! We had a wonderful time as food reviewers for Strada, which began with the warmest of welcomes from waiting staff.

Our starters were tasty and beautifully presented, the biggest hits with our table being the olive tapenade, buffalo mozzarella and schiattiatella agilo flat bread (although the flat bread was a bit on the salty side for some of our party).

Next came the main courses. Our table were in agreement that we would not usually have ordered ‘from the grill’ when visiting Strada, as we all tend to choose the more ‘traditional’ Italian fayre that we associate with the Strada brand.

But you now have some grill converts!

The orata al forno was a real treat - beautifully seasoned and presented. The salimboca mailale was perfectly cooked, and the mashed potato which accompanied it was to die for! We had to exercise some serious restraint to have room for the upcoming risotto, pasta and pizza! Of these three, the risotto zuca was a clear winner with our table: the pumpkin, squash and pine nuts complemented each other perfectly, beautifully set off by the pancetta. We also particularly enjoyed the artichoke on the quattro stagioni.

The trio of desserts which rounded off our meal was quite beautiful, but the stand out pud for us was the bunet piemontese: the smooth creamy texture and rich taste contrasting brilliantly with the crushed amaretti biscuit. We could have eaten another two at least, and would definitely order this again!

A massive thank you to Strada for this experience, please remember us if you ever need another customer review!!

Chris Douglas

From starters to deserts, we thoroughly enjoyed our food. Every dish was well presented and offered sizeable portions. The ingredients were fresh and well seasoned, and the tasting menu provided a great variety.

We dined as a group of four and all agreed that our surprise favourite was the pumpkin risotto, as the subtle flavour was very well balanced with the pancetta. The pizza was also impressive and lived up to our expectations. We enjoyed the pork dish least of all; although it was pleasant, there was nothing spectacular about the taste.

The puddings were a real treat! We couldn’t agree on a favourite; each one surprised us and we would definitely re-order these dishes on future visits.

We were very impressed with the service and ambience at th Newcastle restaurant and would like to thank the staff for their fantastic efforts.