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Royal Festival Hall

A modern Italian restaurant, located in front of the South Bank Centre, with wonderful views of the Thames.

Situated in one of London's best destinations for eating out, this flagship Strada has a modern interior with a sunny outside patio area for alfresco dining, and serves a delicious menu of freshly made hand-stretched pizzas, pastas, risottos and secondi.

Please note that Strada, Royal Festival Hall is unable to take bookings for the outside seating area.


  • Outside seats
  • Free wifi


Royal Festival Hall
Belvedere Road
South Bank

Contact details

Tel: 020 7401 9126

Opening hours

Mon - Sat:
11.00am - 11.00pm
11.00am - 10.30pm

Free O2 Wifi available at this location
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Read the latest reviews from our customers

Richard Brownlie

On a chilly winter evening, with the Southbank Christmas market surrounding us, myself and two friends headed to the one place we could certainly all agree on, Strada. There’s a lot of places offering Italian cuisine in London, but Strada certainly seem to have got it down.

We started with a mix of olives, ‘schiacciatella aglio’ Flat Bread and the lovely antipasto platter. The olives were soft and the perfect way to compliment to beginning of meal menu decisions. The flat bread had a wonderful fragrance coming from the garlic and rosemary, being a great twist on garlic bread. But it was the antipasto was the true showstopper of the starters, being an array of juicy buffalo mozzarella, three equally delicious salamis and hams, topped with olive paste and bruschetta. It was wonderfully presented and each item was full of flavour and great for sharing!

For main course we had a selection of pasta, risotto and classic Quattro Stagioni. ‘Strozzapreti Pugliese’ was a pasta dish with luganica sausage, which had a bit of spice to it, pancetta, broccoli and rich cheese. It was filling and had very nice complex flavours, with each mouthful offering something new. ‘Risotto Zucca’ was a great choice for the colder months, with chunks of pumpkin, butternut squash and pancetta mixed with spinach and pine nuts. This again was a very satisfying dish, with rich flavours that warmed the palette. Finally the Quattro Stagioni pizza, it used great quality ingredients from the sausage to roasted artichoke, which really took this classic to a new level. It showed the great amount of detail that goes into each Strada recipe, and proves the hard work certainly pays off.

After our main course it was safe to say we were pretty stuffed, but somehow there’s always space for a little dessert! I tried the ‘Affogato’ which is an iced nougat semi-freddo with espresso to pour over the top. This was a great choice for something a bit different, and the soft texture of the ice cream was soothing after a big meal. Another dish, the Pistachio Gelto, was a hit of the table with one of my friends having to give away her plate to the rest of the table to share. A simple dish, with a wonderfully nutty ice cream, that rounded off the meal perfectly.

On the night we visited, the restaurant was bustling with a great atmosphere, and our service was wonderful. With our server catering to all our needs and taking time to explain each dish to us with a great knowledge base. If you’re looking to enjoy great food with great surroundings, head to Strada.

Helen Walsh

Recently I was lucky enough to be invited to review the new menu at Strada. Now, before you really start to hate me let me just say that it was REALLY GOOD! What could be a better way to start a meal than with a massive platter of fresh antipasti? Succulent buffalo mozzarella interleaved with ripe tomatoes, bruschetta pomodoro, parma ham, salami, speck and a tasty olive tapenade made for a great first course. We were also treated to some large green olives, succulent and juicy, and a basket of hand stretched garlic and rosemary flat bread, which was gorgeous, and made us want to keep going back for more.

Mains came in two batches (just as well really!) starting with a four seasons pizza, topped with delicious artichokes, mushrooms, ground beef and parma ham. A pasta dish with Luganica sausage, pancetta, and broccoli, with red chilli was eye-wateringly spicy, but a creamy risotto with butternut squash offset that, so you should have both dishes at the same time… Second mains were a whole fish, cooked to perfection so it melted in the mouth, served with rosemary potatoes. Ahh. I love a rosemary potato, and this dish was a real taste of the mediterranean. Veal saltimboca was equally good, wrapped in parma ham (there’s a theme here) and sitting atop creamy mash potato - real comfort food and perfect for this time of year.

Luckily, I have a second stomach for dessert-and it really came in to play here! Over the 3 dishes the jury was out as to which one we preferred. Luckily, I’m not an indecisive woman, so with intense concentration and numerous tastes tests I gave my casting vote to the Bunet Piemontese. (I know, I didn’t try and pronounce it either!) The dessert was a new one on me, but the combination of chocolate and amaretto is a winning one in my book, and this boozy dessert was just the sort of thing I like at the end of a meal. The chocolate was somewhat like a firm mousse in texture, with crumbled amaretti biscuits and amaretto splashed over the top, delicious and boozy. What more could you want? The other desserts in the running for what is really the crown-of-all-crowns (I’m obviously a chocolate girl-chuck me some over?) were Affogato, a classic Italian dish of nougat iced semi-freddo, with a shot of expresso (or sometimes dessert wine-yum!) on the side which you can pour over. Strada’s take on this was great too, and I really had trouble choosing. But in the end, chocolate will always beat ice cream for me. Pistachio ice cream was a delicate addition to a noisy dessert menu, and felt like the virtuous option-hence we didn’t eat much! (If you’re going to eat dessert, make it worth your while) It was nice enough, but had a slightly glazed look, a little bit too shiny for ice cream. Maybe the chef had polished it?

Anyway, it was a great meal, and the service at Royal Festival Hall was excellent, even though the tables are very close together. Go and try the new menu, or have the Christmas one, and make sure you get some antipasti and finish with the Bunet Piemontese-if I haven’t eaten it all already…

Caroline Wedmore

My mum’s birthday made the perfect opportunity for a trip to Strada by the Royal Festival Hall. We received a warm welcome from our lovely waitress Sybilla, the perfect antidote to the biting cold outside! I have to confess, whenever I go to Strada, I stare at the menu endlessly only to choose the exact same pizza so the evening was the perfect opportunity to try out some new dishes and discover how much more than just pizza and pasta Strada has to offer.

The starter was a complete hit with my family - a platter of bruschetta, tomatoes, mozarella, garlic flat bread, ham and tapenade which was perfect for convivial sharing (fine, I hogged the garlic bread!).

My favourite main of the night had to be the sea bream - simple flavours but great quality, though a close second was the creamy butternut squash risotto and the pasta - I think I’ve now found a new obsession in chilli butter.

I’ve a complete sweet tooth so could barely choose a favourite from the deserts, though the combination of chocolate and hazelnut is never a bad thing. A perfect end to a delicious meal.

Thank you Strada! What a lovely treat.