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Please note that this restaurant will be closing on Sunday 30th March. We'd like to say a big 'thank you' to all our loyal customers and we hope to see you at another Strada sooon.


Situated in the heart of Sevenoaks in an old Church conversion, this Strada has an open kitchen, two dining rooms and a spacious patio area for outside seating.

The restaurant can accommodate up to 100 guests and is perfect for business lunches as well as taking a break from shopping in the town.


  • Outside seats
  • Large print menu
  • Free wifi


3c Dorset Street
TN13 1LL

Contact details

Tel: 01732 461 706
Fax: 01732 462 811

Opening hours

Mon - Sat:
11.30am - 11.00pm
11.30am - 10.30pm

Free O2 Wifi available at this location
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Read the latest reviews from our customers

Kathryn Dally

The food was sensational, particularly the main courses.

There was a variety of Italian food, very large portions which were of a high quality. The Quattro Stagioni was extremely tasty and the topping helpings were large.

I particularly enjoyed the Orata al Forno, which made an exciting change from the usual pasta or pizza option.

The dessert that stood out the most was the Affogato which had a gorgeous subtle flavour to it.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Fariba Mansouri-Johnson

Having been a Strada fan for around a decade, it has been interesting to see this chain’s development from a more high street quick and tasty venue to somewhere that now offers very traditional, and tasty, fare.

The sample menu we were given had something for everyone. Succulent Sicilian olives and tasty flat bread (although a quick peek at the menu reassured me that my all-time favourite the Genovese bread was still available) started us off with a glass of chilled white from the perfectly pleasing wine list.

The antipasto was a riot of flavours and textures, with plenty to share and enough choice even for vegetarians (and pregnant ladies - often at a loss when it comes to Italian treats).

Now this is where my one complaint lies. In Italy you have antipasto, primo piatto, secondo piatto and desert; as the menu is set out. For some reason we were brought our primi and secondi piatti together. This meant that there was far too much food on the table, dishes became cold and the flavours did not really mix. So leaving this aside - the food.

The risotto zucca was an all round favourite. As a keen risotto cook, this is a dish I might often avoid when out. But the consistency was good with pleasing flavours from the pumpkin and squash. Some might argue it was a bit oily, but that is where preference comes into play.

The strozzapretti pugliese was also popular in our group, the Luganica sausage providing a bit of a kick to the dish.

The pizza provided a tasty dish - the thin base did not overpower the interesting combination of flavours as many less authentic ones can.

The last two dishes were the Saltimbocca Maiale and the orata al forno. The pork was the less flavoursome of the bunch but still a tasty dish. The bream, another delicious dish but perhaps filleted as the sea bass is would be better as picking out bones is rather off-putting. Again however, personal choice.

The desserts were all lovely. The rich bunet, the refreshing semi-freddo and the creamy pistachio gelato - buonissimo!

All in all. a lovely meal. There are some great regional dishes to tempt you on this new menu but thankfully some old favourites too.

The service at Sevenoaks is friendly and attentive but not overbearing. It can end up quite a price if you are partial to a good bottle of wine, but probably in fact worth every penny.

Jacqui Smith

The staff at Sevenoaks were welcoming and attentive without being intrusive.

The food was the usual high standard and extremely good value, not a restaurant where you have very small portions looking pretty but leaving you hungry.

The starters were a good combination, the garlic bread is always a favourite - nice to nibble but not too filling.

The risotto was creamy and a wonderful flavour while the pasta was spicy and tasty. The fish and pork were both well cooked and are part of a very varied menu which is one of the reasons we enjoy going to Strada.

The sweets were just the right portion size and a lovely end to a beautiful meal and experience.

Strada is always a good place to visit whether it is for a family occasion or a more intimate meal.

Jennifer Stinton

I was very impressed by the new menu offered by Strada. As I have only recently returned from Italy, I was interested to compare the dishes with those I had sampled in Parma. The garlic and rosemary flatbread was delicious followed by the Antipasto of a selection of ham and salami. The mozzarella was very tasty as was the bruschetta.
For the main course, I found the Strozzapreti Pugliese rather heavy and the sausage pieces much too salty.
However, the Risotto with juicy pieces of pumpkin & butternut squash was very good. The sea bream stuffed with lemon and thyme melted in the mouth and the Pork fillet was tender with vibrant flavours, accompanied by fresh green beans in fragrant sage butter sauce.

I was less impressed with the desserts.
The Bunet Pietmontese, was too rich and heavy in texture and the Pistachio Gelato was dull.
On a positive note, I enjoyed the bitter-sweet combination of the Affogato, combining semi-freddo ice cream with espresso.
I would suggest including a Sorbetto di limone to the menu, to provide a crisp and delicious dessert to compliment the meal. It was a very popular sweet in Parma.

In conclusion, I think Strada have taken a brave step in being true to their roots of providing authentic Italian food that is full of flavour and introducing more unusual dishes.

Jo Young

Sevenoaks Strada is a clean, cosy restaurant situated in the heart of the town with friendly, helpful staff and a good varied menu.

We had the flat bread and antipasto to start which was fresh, tasty and plenty to share between 2 adults and 2 children.

The Strozzapreti Pugliese was a very tasty pasta dish although maybe a little hot for some! The Quattro Stagioni pizza was very popular with the children and the toppings were interesting and delicious. The pork fillet Saltimbocca Maiale was really good especially the very creamy mashed potato. Finally the sea bream Orata Al Forno was also delicious although the children weren’t too keen on the fish still having it’s head and eyes!

Dessert, Affogato, consisted of a very creamy ice-cream with the unusual addition of a hot espresso shot poured over the top, it worked well though and was delicious. The pistachio gelato was creamy and smooth and the chocolate Bunet Piemontese was also yummy although next time I would ask for the amaretti and amaretto on the side.

Overall we had a very enjoyable family meal with delicious food and lovely waitresses.

Anita Edmunds

Fantastic! Booking was done via a very friendly & quick phone call.

The staff were friendly, polite and attentive without being overbearing or hassling us and they were all well presented.

The restaurant itself was clean and tidy, it has two floors - we were down stairs on the ground floor - it was a good size that wasn’t overcrowded. Bright enough to see and read the menus while still being cosy and relaxing. The lack of a dedicated car park was our only niggle, however the local car park is free in the evenings and weekends so no biggy.

Every group we saw had a child, a high-chair was brought out for an especially young diner and crayons were given out to keep small hands busy. Our little girl was spoken to and asked her preferences and listened to (she loved every minute - she is 4) as were we. Before I mention the food I would like to say we were (twice) offered containers to take home any left overs (we did!) which is great if you are on a budget & it’s a special day out & you have lunch planned for the next day. Not having to ask for this and feel like a ‘scrooge’ was much appreciated. The cost of a meal for 4 adults with two bottles of wine between you is about £30pp. However there would be left overs as some of the dishes feed more than one!

The food was lovely. Portions were very generous giving excellent value.Dishes we especially enjoyed were the Strozzapreti Pugliese (the pasta was lovely and the flavours well blended) and the Saltimbocca Maiale (I’m not a fan of pork but it was very suculent). We all enjoyed the Quattro stagioni pizza which would feed 3 adults or one adult and 3 children & we are still enjoying it today as lunch!

Small offspring loved the icecream (huge dish), other half had the Affogato (with the hot expresso) which was a great wake up for the drive home & my Bunet Piemontese was small for a reason - it was very indulgent.

We are more than happy to recommend Strata Sevenoaks and would love to go again.