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Strada Wilmslow occupies a prime position on Water Lane in the centre of boutique shopping paradise.

With 120 seats on the ground floor the restaurant is perfectly set out for intimate dinners and business lunches whilst being able to cater for parties at the same time. When the weather permits the shopfront opens onto lots of outside pavement seating giving the restaurant a fantastic Mediterranean dining atmosphere. All in all there's no excuse for not coming along to enjoy the best Italian food in Wilmslow.


  • Outside seats
  • Large print menu
  • Free wifi


22 - 24 Water Lane

Contact details

Tel: 01625 418 698

Opening hours

Mon - Fri:
11.30am - 11.00pm
11.30am - 11.00pm
11.30am - 10.30pm

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Read the latest reviews from our customers

Karen Lancaster

Thank you for the opportunity to try the new tasting menu. We had a very enjoyable meal. Regarding each item I list below:

Olives - were fantastic and loved the light flavour

Antipasto - generous size and lovely selection of meats. The olive tapenade was delicious. The bruschetta was nice but unfortunately the tomatoes lacked flavour and was dominated by garlic. More basil need to balance.

Flat bread - was very flavoursome and went great with the meal. There was just the right balance of rosemary and garlic. Only downside was it was quite greasy.

Strozzapreti Pugliese - The pasta was cooked prefect and there was a lovely freshness about the dish. The chilli didn’t overpower the dish. On a negative the sausage was such a fine crumb that it was lost in the dish. Would suggest maybe mini meatball texture.

Satimocca Maile - although slightly overcooked the flavour was fantastic. Mash was perfect and beans retained a nice crispness

Risotto - was our favourite. It was cooked to perfection and lovely and creamy. Perfect amount of butternut squash and panchetta

Pizza - Very nice to have the ingredients separated out but if this was to be shared I would like to have each ingredient on each slice of pizza. The base was unbelievably thin and lovely.

Orata Al Forno - again the sea bream was slightly over cooked. Flavour was very nice and balanced with the thyme and lemon. Salad was dressed nicely and not overpowered by dressing. Nice crisp potatoes

Affogato - Lovely nougat that was a wonderful creamy texture until we put on the expresso… completely ruined the dish and turned it into a soup.

Bunet Piemontese - chocolate was very predominate flavour and very creamy. Lovely - again until we put on the Amaretto which took away all flavour of the lovely delicate chocolate

Pistachio Gelato - gorgeous! Creamy and full of flavour

Overall it was fantastic. We took or 2 daughters (2 & 3) staff were very helpful although they didn’t offer any discussion on the dishes being served.

Thanks again for the opportunity

Juliet Dean

Had a very enjoyable evening with my husband and my father. All the food was tasty but we particularly enjoyed the pasta with bacon and broccoli. The puddings were exceptional – well worth leaving a little bit of room for.

The staff at the Wilmslow branch were very helpful and knowledgeable and I must give special thanks to Rachel (I think she is the Manageress) she is a real asset to Strada.

Mrs Joslin

I visited Strada with three other people and sampled the new menu. Upon arrival my booking was not found despite reserving the table a week previously over the telephone. However this was soon rectified and we were seated accordingly.

The olives, Schiacciatella Aglio flat bread, and antipasto were all fantastic and great dishes to start with/to share. The flat bread in particular exceeded all expectations.

For the mains we tried Strozzapreti Pugliese, Risotto Zucca, Quattro Stagioni, Saltimbocca Maiale, and Orta Al Forna (replaced with sea bass because the sea bream was not available). The lack of vegetarian options was a disappointment. The risotto could be a fantastic vegetarian dish without the pancetta which is not really essential to the dish. The pork was slightly dry but still a good dish. The pizza wasn’t good and a complete disappointment (not many restaurants in the UK can make Italian pizzas how they should be). It was dry and quite tasteless. The fish dish was fantastic and by far the best dish on the menu. The pasta dish was good and tasty. The main dishes were served quite cool. If they had been served warmer then maybe the experience would have been better.

The deserts that we tried were Affogato, Bunet Piemontese, and Pistachio Gelato. Bunet Piemontese was a firm favourite and possibly one of the best deserts we had all tasted in a long time. Affogato came a close second. The Pistachio Gelato was ok but definitely needed more Pistachio. The staff were really friendly and helpful. However, two wine glasses were brought to the table with pink lipstick stains on them and we had to get cutlery off another table because three sets had been provided instead of four.

Overall our experience was fine. The food was pretty good quality it’s just the small points made above that could have made it a fantastic experience rather than just a good one. We had a really nice afternoon and enjoyed our Strada visit despite the few niggles.

Jill Millen

Warm welcome by staff who directed us to a lovely booth, who explained the sharing menu and took our drinks orders.

Large green juicy olives to start, creamy in taste and not at all acidic, garic bread was crisp and thin, perfect! Antipasto arrived on a slate board with mozarella, creamy and wonderful, salami, tapenade and bruschetta, all beautifully displayed and tasted great. We would have liked some balsamic to accompany the chilli oil on the table.

Strozzapreti pugilese is already our families favourite pasta so my husband had no difficulty in giving this a 10/10.

Saltimbocca maiale with tender pork and cramy mash was lovely, would have liked the Parma ham to be crispy though.

Orata al Forno, whole sea bream was delicious but fiddle to eat, and we personally prefer deboned fish dishes.

Risotto zucchini had lovely chunky pieces of squash and pumpkin, topped with pinenuts and Italian ham, this dish was lovely too, the only dish we didn’t enjoy was the Quattro stagioni, pizza with four toppings, as it arrived with the cheese starting to harden and base was not crispy enough. The artichokes didnt enhance as they were slightly pickled. Also it would be nice to serve pizza on a wooden board.

Desserts were wonderful, creamy pistachio icecream, amazing crisp amaretto biscuits, liquer and chocolate pannacotta (Bunet Piemontese) and Affogato (semifreddo with a shot of expresso). Washed it all down with a bottle of Aglianico which was excellent.

Leah (our waitress) was efficient and courteous and even offered doggy bags for our animals.

I would like to see an Italian cheeseboard as an alternative to dessert and also more vegetarian dishes, even though I’m not one I do choose them sometimes and a nice aubergine parmigiana would fit the menu well.

Diana Currier

I visited the Wilmslow branch of Strada for the tasting menu session and had an excellent time. We were greeted at the door by the manager and sat down at a large table (there were 4 in my party including myself) and given the menus. One member of my party has extreme allergies to nuts, eggs and sesame and the manager was extremely helpful and knew ALL of the allergens in every dish - one of my party members checked it on the website and found her to be correct which was so helpful to us to make sure that my friend chose the correct dishes from the menu.

The starters were very quick at arriving, olives, rosemary and garlic bread and a platter of antipasto. The olives were very flavorsome without being too salty and were the perfect way to start the meal. The rosemary and garlic bread disappeared so quickly that I was lucky to have a bite! The antipasto was delicious with the mozzarella and various Italian meats and the presentation was excellent.

The service was very attentive and we ordered drinks at several points during the evening.

The main courses arrived and the first one we tried was the pasta dish which consisted of Strozzapreti pasta, Luganica sausage, pancetta, and broccoli, with red chilli butter & Grana Padano cheese. This was too spicy for myself but the rest of the party enjoyed this dish as they like more spice than myself.
The risotto was next which I found to be very creamy and the rice was cooked just right, this consisted of Pumpkin, butternut squash, pancetta, spinach and pine nuts and the pancetta added a nice touch of saltiness to the dish.
The pork was the dish that disappeared the quickest. The pork was melt in the mouth tender and fell apart when cutting into it.

The sea bream dish was the most aesthetically pleasing as it came out as a whole fish and looked amazing. The fish was presented well and was cooked beautifully.
The final main dish was the Pizza with four different toppings. I enjoyed the artichoke portion but my favourite was the Italian sausage section of the pizza as it tasted amazing on a pizza. My party commented on how generous the pizza toppings were as well.

The deserts arrived quickly and consisted of Bunet Piemontese which was like a chocolate pannacotta with amaretto. I had one spoonful of this before it was stolen from me!
I also enjoyed the affogato which was a semi frozen ice-cream with nuts with a shot of hot espresso to pour over it, when the ice-cream and the coffee mixed it tasted amazing so this was the desert I kept for myself!
The pistachio ice cream was very creamy and tasted great

All in all, I enjoyed this meal immensely and would not hesitate to come back to Strada again!

Joanne Davies

Had a wonderful dining experience with my family at the weekend.

We sampled some of the new dishes that have been introduced and our taste buds were delighted.

Stand out dishes included the Strozzapreti Pugliese, beautifully spiced sausage, entwined in pasta twirls with a hearty sauce. Along with the Orata al Forno, delicately baked sea bream, enhanced with a fantastic fresh flavour.

To finish the meal, we made a great discovery with the Bunet Piemontese, the description doesn’t do it justice. It’s like a super sized Ferrero Rocher, and every mouth full made my father smile.

We also had excellent wine recommendations and the staff were friendly and warm.

The only negative was the slightly dry meat of the not very exciting Saltimbocca Maiale.

Overall the restaurant is a must visit when you’re in Wilmslow, we will be visiting again soon and have already been telling others too!

Oliver Cook

The table was booked over the phone very smoothly and on the day the venue was all set for this fabulous extravaganza for food. The restaurant’s decor is standard high street city slick, busy with customers for a cold friday lunchtime - a good sign the restaurant is of ‘good’ standard when a lunch service is busy.

Drinks - good choice with some authentic drinks. good start. Staff were very friendly and happy to help even when the ratio of staff to tables was 1:10. The aroma of fresh pizza bread was in the air from first sitting down to the table.

Starters: rosemary flat bread - fresh out the oven, lovely
but my favourite starter was the antipasto, which strada have enlarged in recent months to a real decent size. A platter really worked for a party of 3 of us.

Mains: SALTIMBOCCA MAIALE was classically done, simple yet tasty. the sage sauce really worked well for me.a bit classic english than Italian for me, but liked it all the same.

ORATA AL FORNO was the favourite on the table. Beautiful fish (sea bream) cooked so well. Lemon & thyme is a perfect combo for the fish and served/ presented really well, whole on the bone!

RISOTTO ZUCCA - An unusual risotto perfect for the autumn. flavours were not strong but it was a lovely change from most risottos i have eaten before.

QUATTRO STAGIONI - The pizza was nice but was nothing special for me compared to high street chain pizzas. Interesting toppings but me it didn’t work that well. It reminded me of dish off a children’s menu.

STROZZAPRETI PUGLIESE - For me this was the least favourite of the menu. Stodgy pasta with dry broccoli and too much chilli. I think farfalle pasta may have worked better. but there wasn’t enough sauce for me. I was expecting more from the dish.


Affogato - a firm favourite of mine everytime i visit strada. great as ever the semi freddo ice-cream with espresso. Please keep this on the menu.

BUNET PIEMONTESE - was lovely and rich chocolate flavour but could have done with some vanilla ice cream or creme fraiche ti complement it than just the chocolate panacotta.

PISTACHIO GELATO - This was a new experience pistachio ice cream, beautiful flavour, mild but brilliant balance on nut and cream. Thats 1 thing strada do is really nice ice creams.

Overal this menu was lovely nice portion sizes and well balanced. the restaurant at wilmslow were lovely and would recommend it to others for a lovely meal out.